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Extra Ball!
Extra Balls
There are 5 ways to collect an Extra Ball
  • Conquer 2 Cities
  • Collect 5 City Combos
  • Destroy 3 Saucers
  • Destroy 10 Jet Fighters
  • Make 12 Shots in Monster Rampage (first attempt)
Godzilla Power-Ups
Completing tasks advances the Power-Up meter, advancing the Power-Up Level. The # of shots to complete a level is 2,3,4,6 - The player chooses between 2 awards:
PowerUp Level Left Options Right Options
Level 1 Godzilla MB Jackpot +250K | Light Heat Ray | Destroy Saucer | Jet Fighter Attacks +250K MechaGZ MB Jackpots + 500K | +1X Skill Shot Multiplier | Loops + 250K | Saucer Attacks +500K | Collect 3X Bonus
Level 2 Tier 1 Battle Timers + 10 secs Tier 1 Battle Time Bonus 5X
Level 3 Destruction Jackpot +3 secs Tier 2 Battle Timers +10 secs
Level 4 Light Monster Zero Light Terror of MechaGodzilla
Level 5 Saucer Attack +3 secs Rage Combo +3 secs
Level 6 Rodan 2X Scoring +15 secs Magna-Grab 2X
Level 7 Super Spinner 2X Loops 2X
Level 8 Light Monster Zero Light Terror of MechaGodzilla
Level 9 Destruction Jackpot +2X Light All Allies
Level 10 Collect 10X Bonus Collect Imposter
Collect all Lit Shots!
Heat Ray and Rage Combo
Qualify by hitting the Center Spinner (60 spins +60 each time) You must "Charge" the Heat Ray to use it by Holding Down the lockdown bar button until you reach 100%. It will take longer to charge for each subsequent Heat Ray in a game. Conquering 3 cities decreases the Heat Ray charge time Super Spinner is lit (for 1 shot only) after any used Heat Ray >> 6X per spin up to 25M max
Rage Combo will light (left inlane) whenever the Heat Ray reaches level 3. Each shot scores 3M (+1M each activation) * the Shot #. Some shots have extra awards:
  • Right Ramp
  • Left Ramp
  • Center Spinner - awards an Ally the 1st time, the Upper Loop must be made for future allies to be awarded
  • Upper Loop - needed for future Ally awards at the Center Spinner
  • Tail Whip - +20M and +1X Destruction Jackpot Multiplier + Lights Destruction JP
*Max of 3 Allies from Rage Combo per game
Big Points
Spell RAMPAGE to start Monster Rampage! Collect letters by shooting the Left Spinner when "Adv. Rampage" is lit Light "Adv. Rampage" at the left spinner by
  • Lit at start of game
  • Change Cities
  • Collect a Destruction Jackpot
  • Collect an Ally
  • Mystery Award

How to Play Shoot timed (15 secs) lit shots for Jackpots! Starting at 3M +1.25M per JP. Shot Sequence is: Left Ramp >> Building >> Center Spinner >> Right Ramp >> Upper Loop >> Tail Whip >> Left Spinner Extra Ball - collect 12 shots for an Extra Ball! Subsequent 12 shots add +2X to Desctruction Jackpot.
Points + More
Skill Shots
Skill Shots - the first switch hit
  • Xillian Lane - switch under the bumper - 250K x #SS + 3 secs
  • Mecha Lane - switch to the right of the mecha shield - 500K x #SS + 5 secs
  • Xillian Saucer - pop bumper - 750K x #SS + 5 secs
  • Left Spinner Lane - behind upper flipper - 5M + 1M x #SS + 8 secs
#SS - # of unique Skill Shots made # secs - # of seconds added to the Ball Save timer Super/Secret Skill Shots
  • Upper Loop - hit into by upper flipper - 4M + 1M x #SS + 5 secs +2M SSS
  • Left Inlane - 5M + 1M x #SS + 5 secs + 2M SSS
  • Xillian Saucer - pop bumper - 750K x #SS + 5 secs
  • Left Spinner >> Scoop Combo - 10M + 2 GZ Power-Ups + an Ally +2M SSS
SSS - boosts future Super/Secret Skill Shot values
Points + More
Jet Fighter Attack
Start by collecting all 6 Missiles on the flashing inlanes. - first time, just collect at inlanes - after first time - light the inlanes by shooting the right spinner --- lit inlane may toggle by slingshot hits
How to Play Shoot roving red arrow Hurry-Ups - 1M + 1M per shot - making a shot destroys a jet - 500K per Jet Fighter Attack round - Super Hurry-Up - if 5 jets are destroyed, shoot the Left Spinner for a 3X hurry-up! - Reset the Hurry-Up Timer by rolling through either inlane (hint: make ramp shots) Extra Awards
  • 5 Jets - Light Ally
  • 10 Jets - Extra Ball
  • 15 Jets +1X Destruction Jackpot
  • 21, 33, 45, etc. Jets - Light Ally
  • 27, 39, 51, etc. Jets - +1 Godzilla Power-Up
Tesla Strike
1) Complete 2 sets of Powerline Targets to start Powerline Attack (+1 set next time) 2) Powerline Attack - shoot the roving flashing Powerline target 5 times (+2 next time) 3) Tesla Strike - alternate between Center Spinner + flashing Blue Shots - Tesla Value starts at 2M, +2M each start, +100K per spin - Shoot the center spinner to light the major shots -> flashing Blue - Collect Tesla value at flashing blue shots Starting Tesla Strike also light an Annihilation Bonus via a strobing Powerline Target
Big Points + Progress
Tier 1 Battles
Ebirah Spinners! Spins to complete - Left: 15, Middle: 40, Right: 15 - completing a spinner scores 5M > 10M > 15M - Final Blow at the Pop Bumper for 25M
Titanosaurus Powerline Targets 4M, 7M, 10M > Maser Cannon 15M - Final Blow at the Magna-Grab Ball for 20M - Mecha Shield hits score 1M and +500K to next shot
Gigan 8 Ramps in any order 1M + 500K each. Alternating Ramp Combos are 2X - Final Blow (last ramp) is 2X - or 4X if made as a Combo!
Megalon Megalon IS the Flashing Yellow Shot (10 sec timer) - hit him while flashing for 4M * 1X per made shots (max 5X) + points for switch hits - 7 hits needed to beat Megalon - If a shot Times Out, Megalon will Hide - Shoot a ramp to flush him out! --- note; Megalon will eventually come out of hiding on his own - Final Blow (last shot) normal value + 10M
Bigger Points + Progress
Tier 2 Battles
Godzilla, Rodan & Anguirus VS King Ghidorah 75 Sec Timer - Flashing Shots: Ramps + Building + Center Spinner + Upper Loop. Shots progress in value:
  • 1X - Green
  • 2X - Yellow
  • 4X - Red
- Shots score 400K +150K each - Red shots light Fight or Flee and add +1X to Flee Jackpot Fight or Flee --- Fight adds 35 secs (less on subsequent) --- Flee collects the multiplied Flee Jackpot (starts at 8M) and ends the mode
Godzilla & Jet Jaguar VS Megalon & Gigan 3-Ball Multi-Ball - Shoot the lit shots - 2 shots lit for a Jackpot (30 secs) - 1.5M +500K per Super JP collected - After each JP, shoot the right spinner for a Super JP (+1x per Super collected - max 4X) - Super Jackpots add +1 Power-Up arrow
Godzilla & Anguirus VS King Ghidorah & Gigan 75 Sec Timer - alternating Switch Hits + Jackpots - Step 1) Collect 50 switch hits to light Jackpots - Step 2) Jackpots start at 2.5M and are Multiplied +1X for each cycle - Collect all JPs to complete a cycle, light Fight or Flee, +1X JP Multiplier Fight or Flee --- Fight adds 35 secs (less each time), +1X multiplier - continue at Step 1 --- Flee collects the multiplied Flee Jackpot +200K per secs left and ends the mode --- Flee Jackpot starts at 1M, +35K per switch hit, +350K per shot Jackpot
Bridge Attack Multiball
  • Light Bridge Attack at the Captive Ball (MagnaGrab) by scoring 50 switch hits
  • Hit Bridge Attack to reduce the Bridge Integrity by 25%
  • Destroy the Bridge when the integrity is 0% - "Bridge Out!' flashes on 1 of the ramps
  • Shoot Bridge Out! to start Bridge Attack Multiball
How to Play All shots are lit for Jackpots 1M + 250K per right ramp, +1M per instance Double Jackpot is lit at Bridge after 4 Jackpots Super Jackpot Round 15 sec timer - starts after 2 Double JPs collected - Right Ramp scores 6X Super Jackpots, +750K to Jackpots - Automatic Add-a-Ball for the first Super Jackpot - Max Jackpot value is 4M + 1M per MB Start After Super Round the process repeats.
Big Points!
Godzilla Multiball
How to Start
  • Light Locks at the building by Damaging the Building (Ramps + Building as lit)
  • Lock 3 balls in the Building to Start!

How to Play Jackpots are worth 500K + 500K per start, making a JP advances that shot to the next Multiplier Level - indicated by color:
  • 1X - Blue
  • 2X - Green
  • 3X - Yellow
  • 4X - Orange
  • 5X - Red
Super Jackpot is lit at the building after collecting 6 Jackpots
  • Worth the Total of All Jackpots
  • Completing all lit shots adds adds +1X Super JP Multiplier
  • Shoot the Reverse Building for +1X Super JP Multiplier
  • Scoring the Super JP relights all jackpots at +1x the initial level, and qualifies Monster Zero
Add-a-Ball by hitting three green Mecha Shield targets + hitting Mecha Godzilla (right spinner) Get to Power-Up Level 4 to start Monster Zero after scoring a Godzilla MB Super Jackpot!
Big Points
Mecha Godzilla Multiball
How to Start 1) Shoot the right spinner to bring Mecha Godzilla Online, 20 spins +10 each time 2) One final spin will "Deploy Mecha Godzilla" - rotating from the spinner to the shield 3) Disable the Mecha Shield (3 hits), then hit Mecha Godzilla to Start!
How to Play Stage 1 - Jackpots! - Jackpots alternating between (Ramps + Building Shots) and the Mecha Shield Jackpots are worth 1M + 500K per start, and add a 1X Multiplier after every 2 shots. Collect 6 Jackpots to move to Stage 2. Stage 2 - Super Build-Up - 20 sec timer - Hit Spinners to add 500K per spinner hit Stage 3 - Super Collect - 20 sec timer - shoot the Tail Whip for a 3X super, +3 Power-Ups - shoot the right spinner lane for a 1X super, +2 Power Ups - 10 second "Last Chance" timer if you drain to 1 ball while the Super is lit Score the Super Jackpot to qualify for Terror of MechaGodzilla and get to Power-Up level 4!
Big Points
Saucer Attack Multiball
Defeat 6 Saucers (Saucer Attacks) to qualify, then shoot the flashing Saucer (pop bumper) to start! The goal is to Destroy Saucers! by shooting the White Flashing shots to score a Jackpot. First saucer jackpot requires 2 shots, then +1 each time. Destroy all saucers to light the Maser Cannon for a 2X Jackpot, then hit the Pop-Bumper for a 10X Jackpot + 1X per Saucer Jackpot collected! Add-a-Ball is rewarded for the first Saucer Jackpot!
Tank Attack Multiball
Qualify by hitting 10 lit tank shots (+5 next time) Shoot the scoop to start (Tank MB start overrides Kaiju start) Shoot roving/flashing TANK shots for Jackpots! 2.5M + 1M per Super collected - 500K per 'move' Destroyed Tanks add +1X to the Super Jackpot Multiplier (max 3X) New Tanks appear at the left spinner and scoop >> and move toward the Captive Ball If a Tank reaches Godzilla (the captive ball), the Super Multiplier decreases by -1X Destroy 4 Tanks to light the Maser Cannon for a Super Jackpot worth 50% of all Jackpots * the Super Multiplier! Playing Tank Attack MB lights a roving Tank Shot for an Annihilation Bonus
Super Wizard Mode!
King Of The Monsters!
- Not yet in the Game - Complete ALL the other Wizard Modes to get to "King Of The Monsters" Super Wizard Mode!
Big Points
Monster Zero
Qualify by scoring a Super Jackpot in Godzilla Multiball. Light Monster Zero by reaching Power-Up level 4 and choosing 'Monster Zero' Start by shooting the Building when Monster Zero is lit!
How to Play You must first build your arsenal (Qualify Locks, then Lock Balls) to battle Monster Zero, and then fight Monster Zero. There are 3 stages to Monster Zero. shoot green arrow shots to light Lock at the buidling Red shots will activateYou get to play through 4 stages with a limited # of flips per stage. Drained balls subtract flips. Making shots will add flips. The stages are:
  • Stage 1 - Light Locks shoot green arrow shots to light locks
  • Stage 2 - Locks 30 seconds - shoot red arrow shots to build Jackpots, and lock balls in the building. Locking balls increase the Super JP multiplier 3X > 5X > 8X
  • Stage 3 - Victory Multiball Ball count starts at 1 + # of locked balls - Jackpots are 2X for 3 balls in play, and 4 for 4 or more. 10 Jackpots lights the Super Jackpot at the reverse Building shot.
The mode starts with a 30 second ball saver. Draining before any balls are locked (and no ball saver) ends the ball.
Big Points
Planet X Multiball
You must conquer All 4 Cities to qualify. Shoot the scoop and select Planet X to start! -- starting awards 50% of the 4 Carnage Bonuses (min of 55M)
How to Play Planet X has the following stages
  • Powerline Targets >> Center Spinner for 10M
  • All Tank shots >> Maser Cannon for 15M
  • 5 Magna-Grabs >> Right Ramp for 20M
  • All Major Shots
  • Shoot the Scoop within 20 secs
Add-a-Ball is awarded after each stage
Big Points
Terror of MechaGodzilla
Qualify by scoring a Super Jackpot in Mecha Godzilla Multiball. Light Terror of Mech-Godzilla by reaching Power-Up level 4 and choosing it Start by shooting the Building when Terror of Mecha Godzilla is lit!
How to Play You get to play through 4 stages with a limited # of flips per stage. Drained balls subtract flips. Making shots will add flips. The stages are:
  • Stage 1 - Targets 30 Flips - Hit targets to build their value - Powerline, Mecha-Shield, and Maser Cannon. Drains -6 flips
  • Stage 2 - Spinners 45 Flips - 2 ball MB - Shoot spinners to build their value. 100 spins adds flips. Drains -5 flips
  • Stage 3 - Ramps 50 Flips - 3 ball MB - Shoot ramps to build their value. 8 ramps adds flips. Drains -4 flips
  • Stage 4 - All Shots 100 flips - 4 ball MB - all shots lit for the values locked in at the previous stages. Pop Bumper and Magna-Grab are 3M. Drains -3 flips
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