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Mystery Awards
Light the Ant-Man Mystery (scoop) by shooting X Captain Marvel shots, or making the first Super Skill Shot.
  • Add-a-Ball - once per Multiball
  • Max Time Bank - 30 seconds, for Super Modes Timer
  • Spot a Soul Gem Shot - in Soul Gem Quest
  • Spot 3 STRANGE letters
  • Collect an Avenger - usually happens if you have 5 of the 6
  • Spot Captain Marvel shots - +3 ramps (pre), +45 spins (pro)
  • 10 Million
  • Begin a Super Mode - awarded when a Super Mode is active
  • Advance THOR
  • Advance IRON
  • Light Hawkeye Challenge
  • +5X Bonus
  • Hold Bonus X
  • Light Change Gems
Arc Reactor Bonus
Light the Tower for the Arc Reactor Bonus by completing a Drop Bank (the Computer Grid). - Boost it's value by spelling IRON - 2X for Iron Man Level 1 - 2X as a Computer Grid award - the value increases until collected - carries over between balls
Key Info
Avenger Shots
AIQ is focused on Assembling the Avengers. Each of the 6 Avenengers has a specific Shot /Area dedicated to them. Shoot/Collect the shot(s) repeatedly to Collect (or Assemble) that Avenger. Keep shooting the shot to "Level Up" the Avenger to Level 1 or 2. The Leveled Up status provides increase Scoring Rewards
  • Hulk - the Left Spinner - Lvl 1: 2X Hulk Rampage, Lvl 2 2X L. Orbit - Light Gamma Ray on the R. Inlane every time you Collect/Level Up Hulk!
  • Iron Man - I-R-O-N lanes (bottom) - Lvl 1: 2X Arc Reactor shots, Lvl 2: 2X Iron Man Multiball
  • Captain America - Pop Bumpers Hits + the Pop Lane +10 hits - Lvl 1: 2X Pop Bumpers, Lvl 2: 2X Pop Bumper Lane
  • Black Widow - Left Ramp - Lvl 1: L. Inlane lights Captive Ball for 2X THOR letters, Lvl 2: 2X Left Ramp
  • Thor - Hit the Captive Ball to spell T-H-O-R - Lvl 1: Super Slings 100K per hit. Lvl 2: 2X Captive Ball
  • Black Panther - Right Orbit - Lvl 1: +3 secs Combo Timer. Lvl 2: 2X Right Orbit

- Chart -
AvengerShotLevel 1Level 2
Hulk Left Orbit/Spinner2X Hulk Rampage2X L. Orbit
Iron Man IRON Lanes2X Arc Reactor shots2X Iron Man MB
Captain America Pop Bumpers2X Pops Bumpers2X Pop Bumper Lane
Black Widow Left RampL. Inlane lit for 2X THOR hits2X L. Ramp
Thor Captive Ball to Spell THORSuper Slings 100K2X Captive Ball
Black Panther Right Orbit+3 secs Combo Timers2X R. Orbit

View the Markers on the Playfield Below to see the shots! - This Tip must be selected
Light Mystery + More!
Captain Marvel Awards
Shooting the Captain Marvel Ramp (or spins on a pro) awards the following
  • 3 Ramps - Light Mystery + Binary Hurry-Up
  • 6 Ramps - Light Mystery + Binary Hurry-Up
  • 10 Ramps - Light Mystery
  • 12 Ramps - Light Mystery
  • 15 Ramps - Light Mystery + Binary Hurry-Up
  • 18 Ramps - Bronze Trophy
  • 32 Ramps - Silver Trophy
  • 48 Ramps - Gold Trophy
  • 50 Ramps - Light Extra Ball

Binary Hurry-Up is a 2 shot Hurry-Up which starts at 5M +1M per. The 2 shots are the Captain Marvel Ramp and the Left Ramp. Completed Hurry-Ups add +1X multiplier to the Captain Marvel ramp - max of 5X.
Various Awards
Computer Grid
The Computer Grid provides 2 levels of awards
  • A Square Award for each individual square (9 squares)
  • A 'Line Award' if the current square awarded completes 3 in a row
The Grid will cycle which award is lit, until an award is locked in by hitting one of the drop targets. This award will be collected by completing the Drop Bank, or by making enough Hawkeye Combos to collect it. - The 'Line Awards' are randomly arranged every game, but are the same for all players. - There are 6 'Super Modes' which are all mapped as 'Line Awards' at the beginning of the game - Once a Super Mode is started, it is replaced on the Computer Grid with other awards
6 Super Modes - share the Super Mode Timer
  • Hulk Rampage - 800k +50K per shot, 2X for Level 1 Hulk, +5K per spin
  • Super Arc Reactor - 600K +50K per, up to 4X for strong shots
  • Super Gauntlet - 800K +50K per, combos +100K per
  • Super Targets - 4M each, +250K per set, 2nd set lights Extra Ball
  • Super Combos - 300K + 50K per combo, +1X per combo, +2X progress on Combo shots
  • Super Disc - spin direction 1 for points, then opposite direction for Multiplier (max 5X)

Other Line Awards
  • Portal Lock
  • Super Ball Saver (30 secs)
  • 10 Million
  • +5X Bonus
  • Light Extra Ball
  • Collect Bonus - 2X if you have the Reality Gem
  • Light Change Gems
  • Trophy
  • Light Computer Frenzy
Scoring 30M in any Super Mode to win a Gold Trophy!
Extra Ball
Extra Balls
The Extra Ball award lights at the Sanctum target by
  • 50 Captain Marvel Ramps - or 1500 spins on a pro
  • 50 Combos
  • 8 Trophies
  • Super Targets - completing 2 sets
  • 3 sets of Bullseye Targets
  • Computer Grid Award - as a replacement line award
What they Do!
Gem Perks
  • Blue Mind Gem - Action Button collects lit shot(s)
  • Red Power Gem - Easier to Level Up Avengers - progress carries between balls and Wizard modes
  • Purple Space Gem- Move Gems - Shoot Shot >> Action Button for 3 secs
  • Orange Time Gem - Increased Ball Saver Times by adding time for each shot
  • Yellow Reality Gem - Shot Multiplier for that shot
  • Green Soul Gem - Enables the Soul Gem Jackpot + Replay failed Gem Quests + Extend Black Order MB by holding down the Action Btn

Blue Mind Gem --- Action Button Missiles - on an Uncollected Avenger - 1 use on THAT shot - on an Collected Avenger - 2 uses on THAT shot - on Level 1 Avenger - 3 uses - spots the BEST/Highest Scoring Shot on the Playfield - on Level 2 Avenger - 1 use - spots ALL shots in all running modes - Computer Grid / Drops - 3 uses - player can change the lit grid square, or collect the bank in a wizard mode - on Captain Marvel - 3 uses - spots the shot + adds 1 ramp or 10 spins to the count-up award
Red Power Gem --- Level-Up Helper For the Avenger with the Soul Gem placed on it: - 2X Level-Up progress - Level-Up progress carries between balls and wizard modes - on the Computer Grid / Drops - the next 3 drop bank completions award 2 grid squares - on Captain Marvel - 2X Count-Up award progression
Purple Space Gem --- Gem Position Changer When you shoot the Space Gem Shot, the Action Button can be used to rotate ALL Gems for 3 seconds. The Change Gems mode is also extended by 20 seconds. - each 'hit' of the Action Button counts as 1 use - On an Avenger - 1 use, Lvl 1: 2 uses, Lvl 2: 3 uses. Reaching a new Level recharges if at 0. - Computer Grid / Drops - 1 use - recharges at each Computer Grid Award collected - Captain Marvel - 1 use - recharges at each count-up award
Orange Time Gem --- Adds Time to Ball Savers Shooting the Time Gem shot adds times to active Ball Save Timers (Super Modes or Multiball) or to the Time Bank if no timed modes are running. - on an Avenger: 5 secs, Level 1: 8 secs, Level 2: 15 secs - Computer Grid / Drops or Captain Marvel: 10 secs
Yellow Reality Gem --- Shot Multiplier The Reality Gem is a Shot Multiplier for the shot it is placed on. 2X for most shots - Level1: 3X, Level2: 4X (vs the normal level 2 2X). The Computer Grid will award C.G. Awards for 2 out of 3 targets (3 times only)
Green Soul Gem
  • Soul Gem Jackpot on the Gem Shot for 50% of the previous Gem Quest Value. Level 1: 75%, Level2: 150%!
  • Replay any failed Gem Quest - but if you fail a restart, you lose the Soul Gem
  • Black Order MB Extension - hold down the Action Button to restart the Multiball. But if you do not collect a Super Jackpot, you will lose the Soul Gem
  • Re-Acquire the Soul Gem by scoring a Black Order MB Super Jackpot - OR - winning Black Order Battle Royale
Quick Learn
Collect Gems by playing Gem Quest modes - Spell STRANGE by spinning the disc to light a Gem Quest Mode >> shoot the Right Ramp to start - If you beat the mode (by collect shots) >> Collect the Gem (Right Ramp) >> shoot a shot to "Place the Gem" on that Shot - enables special perks for that shot.
Portal Locks - transform Gem Quests from single ball to multi-ball! - Combo Shots light "Portal Locks" at the spinning disc - Lock 1 or 2 balls in the Portal Lock, and the Next Gem Quest mode will be a multiball (using the locked balls) with increased scoring.
Assemble Avengers - collect all 6 Avengers to light Mini-Wizard Modes! - Each Avenger has a specific Shot >> shoot each shot X times to collect each Avenger - Once all Avengers are lit, shoot the Right Ramp to Start!
Thor Multiball - Spell THOR by hitting the Captive Ball >> one more hit to start
Iron Man Multiball - Spell IRON on the bottom lane rollovers >> then lock 3 balls in the Tower to start. The spinning disc changes which IRON rollovers are lit.
Computer Grid - Complete Lines of awards (like tik tak toe) by completing the 'Computer Drop Targets' to start Super Modes and other awards
Thanos - Play all 3 Avengers Assemble Mini-Wizard Modes AND all 6 Gem Quests to challenge Thanos!
Skill Shots
  • Skill Shot - Top Rollover - 250k +100K per, +3 secs ball save
  • Super - Full plunge >> Tower - 1M +150K per, +5 secs ball save + light Mystery (1st time)
  • Secret #1 - Right Top Rollover - 3M +200K per, +10 secs ball save + light Portal Lock
  • Secret #2 - Full plunge >> Center Drop - 3M +200K per, +10 secs ball save + current flashing Grid Square
Main Goals!
Gem Quests
Spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E with the Spinning Disc to light a Gem Quest - the right inlane "Eye of Agamotto" switch gives 2X Spinning Disc Progress! - Later Quests require more spins to collect letters Shoot the Portal to Start (right ramp on a Pro)
Beat your foe to acquire the Gem! Gem Quests are untimed, so you will stay in the same Quest until you Win or Lose your ball. You can start/stack Multiballs and timed Super Modes while in a Quest.
Acquire a Gem that was Lost to Thanos by completing Hawkeye Challenge on Marksman difficulty. Or if you have the Soul Gem, you can replay a failed Quest - but if you fail again you will also lose the Soul Gem.
  • Mind Gem - Blue - Super Giant - Free Hulk, Cpt_ Marvel, B_Panther and B_Widow from the Super Giant! Hit their shots to add +1X to disc spins and light the Spinning Disc. Spin the disk for 100K per spin x Multiplier (max 5X). Repeat the sequence 3X to light Final Blow at the Sanctum. If you collected all the Fast Blinking Shots in the round, the Final Blow is automatically collected on the last disc spin
  • Power Gem - Red - 3 red shots at a time - Damage per shot is 15%, or 30% for the Center shot. Shoot the Left Spinner to build the shot value (1 rip only prior to shot). Final Blow will be lit on the Right Orbit when damage is 100% for Value X #of hits collected
  • Space Gem - Purple - Corvus - Attack Corvus on the Left Orbit +50K per pop hits for 5 secs. Combo shots are Multiplied: 2X for R. Orbit to L. Orbit, or 4X for U. Loop to L. Orbit - Complete 3 attacks to light Final Blow on the Left Ramp or Right Orbit (for a higher bonus
  • Time Gem - Orange - Proxima - L Ramp + G Ramp >> the cycling drop target on the Grid - This drop starts at 3X, but each wrong shot is -1X. Repeat the sequence 3X for the Final Blow
  • Reality Gem - Yellow - Ebony Maw - Spin the Disc to spell STRANGE and add flashing Yellow Shots. The shot multiplier = the flashing letters in STRANGE, and the Upper Loop and Pop Bumper Lane (Capt. America) are an additional +2X. Shoot 8 Yellow Shots to deliver the Final Blow
Big Points!
Super Modes
Six Super Modes are all available on the Computer Grid (drop targets) at the start of the game. Qualify Computer Frenzy Multiball by playing all 6 super modes. Super Mode Timer - all the super modes share a single Super Mode Timer. The timer length is increased if you have the Time Gem, and it resets when starting any Super Mode. Gold Trophy - score 30M in any Super Mode to win a Gold Trophy
Hulk Rampage - all shots lit Green! - 800K +50 per shot, Spinner adds +5K per spin. - 2X scoring for a Level 1 Hulk!
Super Arc Reactor - hit the Arc Reactor - up to 4X value based on the shot strength - 600K +50K per hit - multiplied up to 4X
Super Gauntlet - hit the Right Ramp! - 800K +50K per shot, +100K for combo shots - Flank Attack shot collects the most recent value (1 time only)
Super Targets - shoot Targets for 4M per hit - complete all 3 Hawkeye Targets to add +250K to shots - complete 2 sets of targets for an Extra Ball
Super Combos - Combos score an extra 300K +50K per combo - Combos Multiplier adds +1X for each shot it the combo! - Combos score 2X toward shot rewards
Super Disk - first spin - establishes a direction + rewards points - an Opposite Direction Spin - adds +1X multiplier per spin (max 5X)
Computer Frenzy Multiball
Qualify by playing all 6 Super Modes via the Computer Grid (drop target bank). Shoot the Right Ramp to start!

Computer Grid Multiball

is focused on the Drops Bank!
All shots are lit in colors corresponding to the Computer Grid. - Making a shot scores a Jackpot + lights the square on the Grid - Completing '3 in a row' on the Grid scores a Super Jackpot --- Completing multiple '3 in row's with the same shot adds a Multiplier --- 2 Supers at the same time are 2X for a total of 4X --- 3 Supers at the same time are 3X for a total of 9X - Jackpot values are increased by Drop Targets and collected Supers - Add-a-Ball is awarded for each of the first 2 Drop Target completions
Topper/Insider Mode
Gem Mania Multiball
Gem Mania Multiball is only available if you have the official Stern Topper, or have installed the Insider Connect feature. Collect all 6 Gems to start.
This is a 3 Ball multiball, which all shots lit (white arrows) at 150K. Relight the Gems with switch hits: 50 > 60 > 70 > 80, etc. Once a Gem is lit, shoot the Gem shots to score a Jackpot (5X all switches values) times a Multiplier for current Jackpot (1x, 2x, 3x... 6x). Last Chance Jackpot lights at the Right Ramp for 10 secs if you drain to 1 ball Add-A-Ball by spelling THOR - up to 3 times!
Big Points
Iron Man Multiball
Spell I-R-O-N on the lower lanes to assemble Iron Man and light locks. - Spell I-R-O-N repeatedly to boost Iron Man to Level 2, and get 2X Scoring in Iron Man MB! - The spinning disc changes which lanes are lit - you cannot change them with the flippers Lock 3 balls in the Tower to start!
How to Play This mode cycles through 4 phases, with each phase consisting of 2 Jackpots and then a timed (10 secs) Super Jackpot. Jackpots start at 1M +500K each. Disc shots add +12.5K per spin to Jackpots.
  • 1) Left Ramp + Right Ramp - then a Super at the Tower
  • 2) Left Orbit + Right Orbit - then a Super at the Tower
  • 3) Pop Bumper Lane + Captain Marvel - then a Super at the Tower
  • 4) Tower + Upper Loop - then Supers at the Spinning Disc for 250K per spin for 22 seconds
2X Supers - if a 2nd ball is shot into the Tower very quickly after a Super Jackpot. Add-a-Ball by spelling I-R-O-N and then shooting the lit Inner Sanctum target (1 per MB).
Big Points
Thor Multiball
Hit the captive ball to spell THOR (T-H is spotted on Ball 1). - you must spell THOR 2 times the 2nd time, and 3 times thereafter - a Level 1 Black Widow lights the left inlane for 2X THOR hits! - a Level 2 Thor awards 2X Scoring in Thor MB! Hit the captive ball one more time to start!
How to Play
  • All shots lit for Jackpots - 200K + 2.5K per disc spin
  • Pop Bumper Lane + Upper Loop are 2X Jackpots
  • 1 JP then a captive ball 1X Mjolnir Attack - collect T
  • 2 JPs then a captive ball 2X Mjolnir Attack - collect H
  • 3 JPs then a captive ball 3X Mjolnir Attack - collect O
  • 4 JPs then a captive ball 4X Mjolnir Attack - collect R
  • A 20X Super Jackpot at the Tower - plus a Thor MB Trophy!
Add-a-Ball - spin the disc to spell STRANGE for the Eye of Agamotto, then hit the Asylum target
Wizard Modes
Assemble Avengers
Assemble the Avengers by collecting All Six Avengers to play 3 Mini-Wizard Modes! Start the Wizard Mode at the right ramp once it is lit.
Soul Gem Quest - 1st Assembly Shoot the lit Green Shot to advance to the next Green Shot (8 total) with Limited Flips! - Standard Mode: 30 flips +X flips per shot - Hard Mode: 20 flips +less flips per shot, for 10X the Standard Mode values - Mystery and Flank Attack both spot the currently lit shot (once each) - The Final Shot is at the Tower - Mind Gem works for shots other than the Tower You can acquire a lost Soul Gem in 3 ways: Black Order MB Super Jackpot, Win Black Order Battle Royale, or beat the Hawkeye Challenge at Marksman difficulty.
Black Order Multiball - 2nd Assembly Stage 1) Shoot Avenger shots to light the Jackpot at the Upper Loop. - Shots add to the Jackpot Value + Jackpot Multiplier - When Jackpot lights, Captain Marvel also lights for +1X Jackpot Multiplier - Collect the Jackpot to progress to Stage 2 Stage 2) Spell STRANGE (spin the disc) to light the Super Jackpot at the Pop Bumper Lane (Capt. America). - Collect the Super Jackpot for 5M + All Jackpots since last Super + Add-a-Ball + the Soul Gem - go back to Stage 1 to repeat Multiball Extender - ONLY if you had the Soul Gem at the Multiball Start! - Hold the Action Button to restart the Multiball and put the Soul Gem at risk. Collect a Super Jackpot to avoid losing the Soul Gem.
Black Order Battle Royale - 3rd Assembly Fight against the Black Order as each of the 6 Avengers (1 at a time). The current Avenger's health is represented by a Health Bar - if it reaches 0% - they are done - Limited Flips - Limited Time (Timer) - Draining a Ball - very bad - The longer an Avenger stays alive, the higher the scoring Other Characters are Helping
  • Drop Targets +8 Flips from Vision
  • Dr. Strange - spell STRANGE to light a rotating Power-Up for 3X damage, 4X if lit. 10 sec timer, reactivates with a spin, more spins change the shot
  • Captain Marvel - freezes the timer for a short time
  • Hawkeye - Upper Loop lights 3 shots on the left. 2X for a U Loop combo
  • Antman (scoop) - 1st: normal damage, 2nd: Add-a-Ball + 2X Scoring
Bonus points are awarded for unused Avengers, remaining Flips, and remaining Time
Play all 3 Assemble Avengers mini-wizard modes and all 6 Gem Quests to light Battle Thanos!
Wizard Modes
Thanos Wizard Modes
Thanos Attacks! Once you obtain 2 or more Gems + the Soul Gem, Thanos will attack you to try to take your gems. The Right Ramp will be lit to start Thanos Attacks! You will need to defend ALL of your acquired Gems like this: - Shoot a Gem Shot to select the Gem to defend - You then have 45 seconds to shoot: Left Orbit > Left Ramp > Right Orbit > Right Ramp - Add to the timer with Lit shots +5, and the Drop Targets +15 - Flank Attack and Mind Gem can be used to collect a lit shot other than the Right Ramp (last shot). If you lose the ball or run out of time, Thanos will take the Gem you were defending If you defend all your existing Gems, you will get on of these bonuses: - If you have any 'lost' gems, you will win back one of them - If there are no 'lost' gems, you will start Super Victory Laps Multiball - see below.
Battle Thanos Qualify by playing all 6 Gem Quests and all 3 Avengers Assemble mini-wizard modes. Start by Shooting the Right Ramp.
  • Phase 1 is a 4 Ball Multiball - Shoot red/blue shots to damage Thanos
  • 2X Damage - for shots flashing both red and blue
  • Spin the Disc to rotate the lit shots
  • Phase 2 is a single ball - watch your health meter - collected gems help you
  • Spell THOR for an Add-a-Ball
Automatic Victory - if you have ALL 6 Gems when you start - you automatically complete the mode and score 1 Billion!
Super Victory Laps Super Victory Laps is a 3 or 6 ball Multiball awarded for defeating Thanos. - Beat Thanos Attacks! to start a 3 Ball MB with 250K Jackpots - Beat Battle Thanos to start a 6 Ball MB with 500K Jackpots
Super Wizard Mode!
Trophy Mania
Collect 24 Trophies to light Trophy Mania! Shoot the Right Ramp to Start!
Shots are lit in RGB corresponding to Trophies Collected (Bronze, Silver and Gold) Making a shot, adds the Trophy to the Trophy Case. Jackpots start at 1M, disc spins add
  • Bronze - 1X
  • Silver - 2X
  • Gold - 4X
Captive Ball - rotates lit shots 1 step clockwise Making a shot, swaps the trophy with the closes different-color shot to the right. All shots are always lit, but higher value shots should be sought out. Add-a-Ball automatically happens at 12 Trophies.
Super Jackpot Collect 24 Trophies lights the Super Jackpot at Ant-Man The Computer Grid lights to enable a Super JP Multiplier - 2X, 3X or 5X - by collecting lines
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