Jurassic Park LE

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Extra Ball
Extra Balls
Do any of the following to get an Extra Ball... - A Rescue Streak of 6 lights "Extra Ball" on the right ramp - Successfully capturing the T-Rex - One of the Smart Missile awards - Completing Fossil Set 2
Smart Missile
A) Light the Inlane lights by completing X Rescues (3, 8, 15, etc) B) Roll over the left inlane when lit for Smart Missile to activate -- You have 3 seconds to choose the Smart Missile award (6 options) using the Action button C) Shoot the Pops Target within 5 seconds to collect the chosen award Smart Missile Awards....
  • Complete Chaos | Super Supply Drop
  • Super Combos | Complete Paddock
  • +5 Rescues | +10 Rescues | Raptor Multiball | Extra Ball | Fossil | Super Escape
  • +5 Rescues | +10 Rescues | Raptor Multiball | Extra Ball | Fossil | Super Escape
  • 25 Million
  • Abort - deactivates Smart Missile, relight with a Truck hit
Getting Started
Jurassic Park has a great variety of things to shoot for... Advance Paddocks - these are the primary modes in the game, and are represented as feature lights on the Map in the middle of the playfield. Proceed through paddocks to reach the Visitor Center to start the Visitor Center mini-Wizard mode! T-Rex Events - shoot the Truck/Newton Ball to spell T-Rex to qualify a T-Rex Event - the T-Rex will open it's mouth on the left ramp. Shoot into the T-Rex's mouth to Start! Complete all 4 T-Rex Events to light the Museum Mayhem mini-Wizard mode! Control Room Modes - Shoot the Control Room target when lit to start one of the Control Room modes. Complete 3 Control Room Modes to light the "Secure Control Room" mini-Wizard mode! Complete all Control Room modes and Secure Control Room to light "Invalid Frenzy" Wizard Mode! Raptor Pen - Capture a ball (Raptor) in the Raptor Pen, and continue hitting the pen until the Raptors break out for Raptor Multiball! Chaos Multiball - Spell C-H-A-O-S to light CHAOS Multiball!
Control Room Modes
A) Light the Control Room by... - catching your first dinosaur - spelling CHAOS twice - Starting Raptor Tri-Ball Multiball - 15 Tower Shots B) Shoot the Control Room when lit to start a mode Control Room Modes... Virus Attack - Alternate shots between ALL Lit (blue) and the Control Room - 3 to complete Restore Power - Spinner sets (or increases) shot values - Complete Blue Shots System Boot - Shoot 3 Blue shots (combo shots available), final shot at the Control Room -- Completing any Control Room mode awards a fossil Secure Control Room Mini-Wizard Mode - Play the 3 CR Modes to light. -- Complete a Blue Arrow Hurry-Up for each major shot -- Previous collected shots light green - which will reset/build the current hurry-up value Invalid Frenzy Mini-Wizard Multiball - Complete Secure Control Room to start! -- X Switch hits light the Jackpot - major shots (not the spinner) build higher JP value - JP Value is locked once lit -- Collect the Jackpot at the Control Room -> then collect a 3X JP at the Control Room! -- X Raptor Pen hits awards an Add-A-Ball
Frenzy Mode
Pteranadon Attack
A) Shoot the Right Ramp 4 times to start -- All switches add to the award -- Collect award value on the Right Ramp -- Every 20 switches adds a multiplier to the next award ----- the multiplier carries over throughout the game Completing Fossil Set 1 adds +10X to the Pteranodon Attack multiplier!
T-Rex Events
A) Hit the Truck/Captive Ball to spell T-REX B) When T-REX is spelled, the T-REX lowers it's mouth onto the left ramp --- Shoot the ball into the T-Rex mouth to start the T-Rex Event 4 T-Rex Events...
  • T-Rex Multiball - 2 Ball Multiball
  • T-Rex Chase - Alternates shots and Truck
  • T-Rex Encounter - Alternates shots and Truck
  • T-Rex Rampage - Alternates shots and T-Rex
Museum Mayhem Mini-Wizard Mode - Complete the 4 T-Rex Events to Qualify!
2X Playfield
2X Scoring
A) Collect a Supply Drop to light the "Lite 2X Playfield" standup B) Shoot the lit "Lite 2X Playfield" target to start 2X for 30 seconds C) Shots to any Supply Drop targets adds time D) Shots to the lit Supply Drop target before 2X starts adds 10 seconds to the time
Big Points!
CHAOS Multiball
A) Spell C-H-A-O-S to light Chaos Multiball B) Shoot the CHAOS to target when lit to start!
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