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Amber Bonus + Frenzies
The Amber Bonus builds throughout the entire game - and never resets. The value is added to by the Pop Bumpers Collect
  • Pop Bumper hits add to the Amber Bonus
  • Light the Amber Bonus Target - by the rollover above the pop bumpers
  • Hit the Pop Bumper Target - to collect it when lit
  • Capture Dinos - to add +1X to the Amber Bonus Multiplier for the next collect
  • Fossil Set 3 - adds +10X to the next Amber Bonus Multiplier

Amber Frenzy Modes The first 4 Super Supply Drop awards are Amber Frenzies. Amber Frenzy is a timed mode, and will collect the Amber Award for each hit on the respective Frenzy Type.
  • Amber Pops - 20 seconds
  • Amber Slings - 30 seconds
  • Amber Targets - 40 seconds
  • Amber Ramps - 50 seconds
The Timer does not pause - so skip those long intros!
Points, X-Ball + More
DNA Combos
There are 11 DNA Combos for 1M+, 400K in Bonus - Light Extra Ball at 6 Combos - Wildcard Fossil at 11 Combos
  • Gallimimus - Spinner + Truck
  • T-Rex - Spinner + Tower + Truck
  • Compsognathus - Spinner + Tower + 2x Playfield Target
  • Stegosaurus - Spinner + Upper Loop + Supply Drop Target
  • Spinosaurus - Spinner + Upper Loop + Tower + Helipad + Left Ramp
  • Triceratops - Left Ramp + Amber Target
  • Brachiosaurus - Left Ramp + Right Ramp + Supply Drop Target
  • Raptor - Left Ramp + Helipad + Raptor Target
  • Ankylosaurus - Helipad + Control Room
  • Spitter - Helipad + Left Ramp + Right Loop
  • Pteranodon - Helipad + Left Ramp + Right Ramp
Extra Balls!
Extra Balls
Light the Extra Ball - on the Right Ramp
  • Collect 6 Rescues
  • Collect 6 DNA Combos

Instantly Awarded Extra Balls
  • Capture the T-Rex - complete the T-Rex Paddock
  • Smart Missile "Extra Ball" award
  • Complete Fossil Set 2
  • Collect 5 Super Supply Drops
If Extra Balls are set to Points (competition mode), they are worth 15M - which can be doubled
Big Points + More!
There are 4 Sets of Fossils that you can collect with Big Rewards for each complete set. You must Complete/Win any listed modes - not just play them!
Set 1: Brachiosaurus: 1st T-Rex mode + Ankylosaurus Raptor Super JP Awards: 20M, +10X Pteranodon Multiplier (once)
Set 2: Velociraptor: 2nd T-Rex mode + Gallimimus: 1st Control Room + Spinosaurus: CHAOS Hurry-Up Super Jackpot Awards: 35M + an Extra Ball
Set 3: T-Rex: 3rd T-Rex mode + Triceratops: 2nd Control Room + Dilophosaurus: 3rd Control Room Awards: 100M, +10X Amber Multiplier (once)
Set 4: Compsognathus: Museum Mayhem + Pteranodon: Visitor's Center + Stegosaurus: Secure Control Room Awards: 250M, +10 Rescues
Collecting All 4 Sets awards an extra 500M!
Wildcard Fossils If you fail a particular task, it may stop you from collecting a particular set. Wildcard Fossils will randomly spot a fossil in the lowest available set. This will stop you from collecting that particular fossil the normal way. Ways to collect one are:
  • Smart Missile Award - will be choice 3 or 4 if available
  • 6 Way Combo
  • 30 Rescues
  • 25 Towers
  • 28 Loops - less with the Triceratops Dino Perk
  • A 50M+ Pteranadon Attack Award
  • Collect all 11 DNA Combos
Points + Super Supply Drops
Loop Awards
The 'Loops' are either the Upper Loop or the Right Orbit shots. Awards a given at 3 Loops, and then every 5 Loops thereafter Dino Perk - capture the Triceratops to give out awards every 4 loops!
The awards alternate between Points and Super Supply Drops - Points at 3, 13, 23, etc. - Super Supply Drop at 8, 18, 28, etc. If the Dino Perk is collected after 3, the awards would be at 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, etc.
Collect a Wildcard Fossil at 28 Loops (or less with the Dino Perk)
Points + More
Skill Shots
Default Progressive Skill Shots
  • Full Plunge
  • Left Ramp - 2M
  • Right Ramp - 2X - Super
  • Side Ramp (Raptor Tower) - 4X - Double Super
  • Right Orbit - 6X - Triple Super +3 secs ball saver

Secret Skill Shots - first switch hit (light plunge)
  • "C" Lane - 6M +3 secs
  • "O" Lane - 8M +3 secs
  • Pops Target - 10M +3 secs
  • Pops Target from right flipper - 20M +12 secs + adds to Amber value

MXV Skill Shot
  • Full Plunge
  • Left Ramp - 2M
  • Right Ramp - 2X - Super
  • Upper Loop - this is EXTRA , compared to the normal sequence
  • Side Ramp (Raptor Tower) - 8X - Double Double Super
  • Right Orbit - Is this Still Available after an MXV Skill Shot?
Smart Missiles + Super Spinner
The Left and Right In-Lanes each have a Feature tied to them
  • Smart Missile - on the Left In-Lane
  • Super Spinner - on the Right In-Lane
Only 1 will be lit at a time, dictated by the direction of the Truck - so it's in your control! Collect X Rescues to light the In-Lane - Smart Missile or Super Spinner Dino Perk - if you capture the Ankylosaurus, the # of Rescues to re-light is reduced by 1
Smart Missile The Smart Missile is available on the Left In-Lane - when invoked, it will stop the ball and count down to the ball release - during the count down, you can hit the Action Button to select the Award - when the ball is released, you have a few seconds to hit the Pop Bumper Target - there is a small Grace period, so even if you miss the initial shot, keep trying for a few seconds! Besides scoring the award, you also get 10M +5M per When selecting the award, you get a choice of 5 awards or Abort. The awards choices vary depending on the status of your game.
  • Choice 1 - Complete CHAOS (actually +5 Letters) or Super Supply Drop if CHAOS is ready/active
  • Choice 2 - Clear Paddock (if in a Paddock) or Super Combos (5X Combos for rest of ball)
  • Choice 3 and 4 - will be 2 of the following: +5 Rescues (+10 later), Raptor Multiball, Extra Ball, Fossil, Super Escape ("Lite Escape" will always be lit if needed during that ball)
  • Choice 4
  • Choice 5 - 25 Million (if in a mode or MB) or Invalid?? (Invalid Frenzy if not played already)
  • Abort - the Smart Missile light will flash - hit the Truck twice to to re-light the Smart Missile instead of Rescues

Super Spinner The Super Spinner is available on the Right In-Lane The red "Spitter" insert will light in front of the Spinner for a limited Time While lit, spins are multiplied by the Bonus X multiplier +1X Dino Perk - if you captured the "Spitter" dino, add +2X to the multiplier
Mystery Awards & 2X Scoring
Supply Drop and Super Supply Drop
Hit flashing blue Supply Drop Targets to turn them solid blue. Collect all 3 to light Supply Drop - easiest to hit from the upper right flipper - Supply Drop is lit when the blue insert is Solid - Super Supply Drop is lit when the blue insert is Flashing
The 2X Scoring target lights every time you collect a Supply Drop or a Super Supply Drop Add-a-Ball is awarded for the 1st Supply Drop in T-Rex or Raptor MB
Supply Drop Awards
  • Add-a-Ball
  • Advance CHAOS
  • Advance MAP
  • Light Advance Paddock
  • 5 Million
  • Max Spinner
  • 2X Nedry Value
  • Spot Rescue
  • Set Trap
  • Call Helicopter

Super Supply Drop is lit by collecting Loop awards (R. Ramp and R. Orbit) - at 3, +10 loops, or via the Smart Missile. The Triceratops Dino Perk reduces the required loops to 2, +8. The Super Supply Drop is indicated by a Flashing Supply Drop target. This will supercede a lit Supply Drop - meaning you must first collect the Super Supply Drop before you can collect the Supply Drop award. This can be bothersome when you are going for the Add-a-Ball during a Multiball!
Super Supply Drop Awards in sequence
  • Amber Frenzies - are the 1st four awards
  • Goat Frenzy - only if logged into Insider Connect
  • Extra Ball
  • Super Escape - 'Light Escape' is lit as needed the rest of the ball
  • Award Triple Bonus - not +3X Bonus
  • Super In-Lanes - in-lanes lit for rest of the ball
Goat Frenzy pushes all following awards later
Tranqs, Points + More
Tower Awards
Every 5 shots to the Raptor Tower lights a Super Tranquilizer + scores a Tower Award The Tower Awards are: - 5 Towers: 3 Million - 10 Towers: 5 Million - 15 Towers: Light Control Room ,- 20 Towers: 15 Million - 25 Towers: Fossil - every 10 more Towers: 15 Million
An Upper Loop + Tower Combo awards 3X the Tower Points (not the Award Points) + advances +2 loops towards the next Tower Award
Control Room Modes
Lighting the Control Room
  • Catch your first Dinosaur
  • Spell CHAOS 2 times
  • Get a Raptor Tri-Ball Jackpot
  • 15 Tower Shots

Virus Attack Alternate shots between Lit Shots and the Control Room - 3 times to finish. Lit shots score: 3M, 5M, 10M - Control Room shots: 10M, 15M, 20M Completing Virus Attack awards a Fossil
Restore Power First shoot the Spinner for 3M + light the Other 7 shots for 3M +100K per spin. Spinner adds 100K per spin to shot values Completing the mode awards 20M + a Fossil
System Boot 3 shots are lit (5-9M), shoot 1 and then 3 others light for a Combo (8-25M). Complete 3 sets of Combos and finish with a shot to the Control Room for the sum of all previous shots + a Time Bonus + a Fossil. A high scoring mode (consider stacking with 2X scoring)!
Secure Control Room - mini Wizard Mode - is lit at the control room after playing all 3 of the above control rooms.
Invalid Frenzy This is the 4th control room mode, and is a 4 Ball Multiball, which can also be started as a Missile Command award. - hit X switches to light a 1X Jackpot at the Control Room - after the 1X, a 3X Jackpot lights at the Control Room - repeat the above for more Jackpots - Major switches build Jackpot values much more than Minor (spinner and pops) Add-a-Ball - hit X targets in the Raptor Pen - max of ? Add-a-Balls This is a lower scoring multiball
Progress and Perks
Dinosaurs (Paddocks)
Each dinosaur has different traits, which are:
  • Diet - Movement - Carnivores go straight for staff, Herbivores amble
  • Aggression - Speed - How quickly them move toward the Staff
  • Trait - Special Ability - not all Dinos have a special Trait
  • Staff in Peril - # of staff to rescue in this Paddock for a Perfect Paddock Bonus
  • Bounty - the bounty/points awarded for Capturing the Dino
  • Amber Bonus - multiplier added to the next Amber Bonus award
  • Perks - special Perks for capturing the Dino - affect the rest of the game!
  • Bonus X - Added to the Ball Bonus Multiplier - which carry over Ball to Ball!

Level 1 - Omnivores 1 Rescue + 1 Set Trap, 5 Staff, 2.5M Bounty, +2X Amber Gallimimus (Left) - Low aggression - Perk: 2X Bounties Brachiosaurus (Right) - Very Low aggression - Perk: +200K Rescue Streaks
Level 1.5 - Spitter - Super Predator Carnivore, Medium aggression 2 Rescues + 1 Set Trap, 7 Staff, 5M Bounty, +3X Amber, +1X Bonus, Perk: +2X Super Spinner Trait: Immobilizes Staff for 5 Seconds - rescue insert turns solid - cannot rescue staff when solid
Level 2 - Herbivores 2 Rescues + 2 Set Traps, Med aggression, 6 Staff, 7.5M Bounty, +3X Amber Triceratops (Left) - Perk: Easy Loops (1 less needed per award) Ankylosaurus (Right) - Perk: Easy In-Lanes (1 less needed per award)
Level 2.5 - T-Rex - Super Predator Carnivore, Extreme aggression 2 Rescues + 2 Set Traps, 8 Staff, 7.5M Bounty, +4X Amber, +1X Bonus, Perk: Longer Timers (+8 secs) - Bonus bounty award: Extra Ball
Level 3 2 Rescues + 2 Set Traps, Med aggression, 7 Staff, 10M Bounty, +4X Amber Stegasaurus (Left) - Herbivore, Perk: +15K/Pop Amber Compsognathus (Right) - Carnivore, Perk: +250K Combos - Trait: can't be stunned
Level 3.5 - Spinosaurus - Super Predator Carnivore, Very High aggression 3 Rescues + L Trap + R Trap, 10 Staff, 12.5M Bounty, +5X Amber, +1X Bonus, Trait: Water Travel (jump from 1 side of island to the other) Perk: Light King of the Island Multiball!
Level 4 - Carnivores 2 Rescues + L Trap + R Trap, High aggression, 10 Staff, 12.5M Bounty, +5X Amber Pteranodon (Left) - Perk: 2X Chaos Jackpots - Trait: can Fly (jump directly to any Rescue shot) Raptor (Right) - Perk: 2X Raptor Jackpots - Trait: hunts in Packs (2 at the same time) - you need to visit Helipad/Capture twice for Raptors to catch both of them - a Super Tranquilizer will stun Both Raptors
Paddock Modes
Starting a Paddock Spell M-A-P by shooting white arrows, to light the Left Ramp (white arrow) to Start the next Paddock. The Truck direction dictates the Paddock that will be started. You can navigate to avoid the harder dinosaur paddocks using the Truck.
You are trying to Rescue Staff and Capture the Dinosaur in each Paddock. --- The moving Green Arrow is the Dinosaur --- The lit Rescue Targets are the Staff that need to be rescued - Rescue X staff - Set the Trap - by hitting 1 or 2 yellow 'set trap' targets - if it's a Predator (orange + red paddocks) - Visit the Helipad - Shoot the yellow shot to Capture the dinosaur The dinosaur will move toward the closest Staff, and if it is on the same shot as a Staff Rescue the light will flash faster and faster (struggling) until it goes out (a lost staff). - Shooting the Dinosaur (Green Arrow) will pause it for a few seconds - Tranquilizer (lit Green Action Button) - will pause the dinosaur for a longer time - More agressive Dinosaurs will move faster
Rescue Streak - the # of staff rescued without letting any get injured The streak greatly influences the value of resues Rescue Perks - at specific #s of Rescues
  • 3 - Light Inlanes
  • 6 - Light Extra Ball
  • 8 - Light Inlanes
  • 13 - +1X Bonus Multiplier for current ball
  • 22 - ?
  • 30 - Fossil
Rescues continue to light Inlanes at higher levels
Pteranodon Attack
Shoot the Right Ramp 4 times to Start!
Pteranodon Attack is a timed frenzy mode
  • Every switch adds +25K to the Award Value - +10K per mode start
  • Every 12 switches adds +1X to an Award Multiplier
  • Collect the Award Value on the Right Ramp - which resets the Value + Multiplier
  • The Multiplier carries over - it only resets when collected
The Timer never pauses - so you might want to skip intros while this is running Complete Fossil Set 1 to add +10X to the current/next Pternodon Attack Multiplier. Collect a Wildcard Fossil for scoring a 50M+ award.
Big Points
T-Rex Events
There are 4 T-Rex Event Modes + a T-Rex mini-wizard mode for playing all 4 Events! Hit the Truck to spell T-Rex to qualify the next T-Rex Event! The first Event is always "Feed T-Rex" (default settings), after that the next event is cycled by hitting the Truck. - Shoot the ball into the T-Rex Mouth to Start! - Feed T-Rex only requires a 'hit' to start - Single Ball T-Rex modes can be stacked with Control Room or a Multiball
Time Bonus - 1M per second left for any single ball T-Rex event
Feed T-Rex - Phase 1 is a single ball hurry-up (20 sec Timer) - to lock in the Jackpot Value --- the value starts at 500K and can be built up to 6M with hurry-up shots --- each made Hurry-Up resets the Timer to 20 secs --- Shoot the T-Rex to lock in the Jackpot Value and move on to Phase 2 Multiball - Phase 2 is a 2 Ball Multiball --- the CHAOS shots are lit for Jackpots - each made JP adds +250K --- the Red shot will add a +1X multiplier to following Jackpots (starts at the 'C' --- making a Blue Shot will cancel the red shot - but the red shot returns after a Super JP --- After spelling CHAOS, collect a Super Jackpot at the T-Rex - sum of all JPs --- - the Super JP also resets the multiplier back to 1X, but the red shot returns
T-Rex Chase 1) Dodge the T-Rex (orange shot) - 3M, +3M per 2) Shift Gears by hitting the Truck - 1M, +1M per A Shift + Dodge Combo - within 3 seconds scores 2X Dodge + Shift 5 times to finish and get a Fossil
T-Rex Encounter 1) Hit the Truck - 2M 2) Rescue a Worker - Orange Arrow - 4M, 8M, 11M 3) Hit the T-Rex to distract him - 5M Harder Shots are multiplied: R. Ramp is 2X, R. Orbit: 3X Free 3 trapped workers to finish and collect a Fossil
T-Rex Rampage 1) Shoot the Left or Right Ramp to Lower the T-Rex 2) Optional Multiplier Shots: Raptor Tower 3X, Helipad 2X, Both for 6X! 3) Shoot the T-Rex for 10M +5M per, multiplied by the Step 2 Multiplier! Repeat the above until the Timer Expires. Complete the sequence 3 times to collect a Fossil
Play all 4 T-Rex Events to qualify Museum Mayhem on the Left Ramp!
Chaos Multiball
Spell CHAOS to light the Chaos Pop Bumper Target Hit the Chaos Pop Bumper Target to Start!
Phase 1 - spell CHAOS via Supers - Jackpots are lit on 1 half of the playfield (depends on Truck Direction) - Hit the Truck - to switch sides and relight ALL of the new sides Jackpots - Jackpot values increase - the more you get on 1 side before switching - Super Jackpots - hit the Chaos Target after 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 Jackpots - value is sum of JPs (since last SJP) + a CHAOS letter
Phase 2 - CHAOS Jackpots - Spell CHAOS again - letters are worth Stage 1 SJP values - 'S' will be the highest!
Phase 3 - Chaos Target Hurry Up - starts at the sum of the Phase 2 Jackpots! - 2X for a Left Facing Truck! - which makes the Chaos shot tighter
Add-a-Ball by hitting X Pop Bumper hits - 10 for the first one There is a grace period to Add-a-Ball after draining to 1 ball. Progress is saved between CHAOS Multiballs.
Invalid Frenzy
Invalid Frenzy is essentially the 4th Control Room mode. It's a bit confusing, because once you play the first 3 Control Room modes, the control room lights for Secure Control Room mini-wizard mode. After playing the mini-wizard mode, you can relight the Control Room with the 4th method (whichever hasn't already been used) for Invalid Frenzy. You can also start Invalid Frenzy with the Invalid?? Smart Missile award
Invalid Frenzy is a 4-Ball Multiball
  • Collect X switch hits to light the Jackpot at the Control room
  • Collect the Jackpot at the Control Room
  • Collect a 3X Jackpot at the Control Room
  • Repeat...
Each Jackpot will take more switches than the last to qualify Major switches add more value to the Jackpot then Minor switches (spinner and pops) Add-a-Ball by making X hits to the Raptor Pen Invalid Frenzy is a low scoring multiball
King of the Island Multiball
King of the Island is a 3 Ball Multiball battle between the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus. Qualify by beating the Spinosaurus Paddock - you must capture the Spinosaurus! Start by shooting the Left Ramp
Shoot X switches to light Jackpots - then hit 1 for a 1X Jackpot Repeat for a 2X Jackpot, then 3X, 4X, 5X. After making a Jackpot, you must hit collected JP Shots to qualify Switch mode. - Jackpot color indicates the current multiplier - red (1X) to blue (5X)
Raptor Tri-Ball Multiball
How to Start
  • Light Raptor Capture - complete the Raptor targets X times to light (2 then +1)
  • - a shot to the Back Target - completes 1 full set of targets
  • Raptor Capture - shoot the ball into the pen, to 'Capture' it
  • Electric Fence Integrity - wear down the fence by hitting it, increased damage if the trapped ball hits the back target
  • Flashing Lightning Bolts - indicate the MB is Ready!
Smart Missile Start - there is a smart missile 'Start Raptor Tri-Ball' award!
Phase 1 - Ramps - shoot the Left + Right ramps for a 1X and 2X Jackpot Phase 2 - CHAOS - shoot CHAOS shots for Jackpots worth 1/5 of a 2X Jackpot Phase 3 - Supers - 3 Balls are Added! - shoot the Right Ramp + Upper Loop for 2X Jackpots Multiplied by # of balls in play!
Phase 4 - Raptor Rampage - all shots lit for Victory Lap Jackpots - phase 2 JP value multiplied by the # of balls in play. - Relight All Shots by hitting the Raptor Pen Back Target - Raptor Rampage Super Jackpot - is awarded for each complete set - sum of all Rampage Jackpots
2X Scoring - light 3 Raptor Pen Targets, then lock a ball in the Pen for 15 seconds Add-a-Ball - hit a lit Supply Drop - light by hitting 3 blue supply standup targets
Wizard Mode
Escape Nublar
Qualify by playing Museum Mayhem, Secure Control Room, and Visitor's Center. Shoot the Left Ramp to Start!
You must travel 'backwards' through all the paddocks to the main gate and Helipad to Escape Nublar before the Volcano Erupts! You play in single ball mode, but have 3 balls (representing Trucks) to use to escape - each truck replenishes your Tilt Warnings, but a Tilt ends the mode, even if on ball 1. You play each Paddock in 2 phases: Rescue and Navigate.
Rescue Phase Hit the lit Rescue shots to rescue remaining staff. - If the Dinosaur was NOT captured in this Paddock, you must then hit the Set Trap targets to rescue the dinosaur. - Hitting the Truck will shift the Rescue shots to the left/right. - Shot Values are 500K x # of Rescues pre-Nublar +1M x Rescue Streak --- the Streak is for Rescues on this Truck (ball) - Hit the Raptor Pen Back Target for 2X on your next Rescue shot
Navigate Phase Find an exit from the Paddock - multiple possible exits are lit (red arrows). Try an exit shot to see if it is "blocked" or not. When a safe path is made, shoot the Left Ramp to advance to the next Paddock. - The Truck direction dictates which paddock you will move to - so change it before shooting the ramp!
Trucks and Fuel - Balls and Timer You have 3 Trucks (balls). Each Truck has an initial Ball Saver for ~15 seconds. The "Fuel" you have is limited (the Timer) and starts at 40 units (40 seconds). Add Fuel by hitting the shots, the Pop Bumpers and Raptor targets (maxed at 40). Escaping a Paddock refuels your Truck (to 40 units). If you run out of Fuel/Time, you go to Sudden Death!
Sudden Death All uncollected rescues are lost, and you have 15 seconds to get out of the Paddock (or you will lose that Truck). If not in the Navigate Phase, you are advanced to start of the Navigate Phase. Finish the Navigate Phase in 15 seconds or lose that Truck! You cannot add any Fuel/Time. Helipad Hurry-Up Upon Navigating back to the Main Gate, a Hurry-Up starts at the Helipad to Escape the island. Very Large Value based on Rescues, Dinosaurs and Paddocks cleared! - Up to a Billion!? -- Then the Game Ends --- -- Unless you've qualified When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth! is qualified by Completing the 3 mini-wizard modes + Escape Nublar - A 6 Ball Multiball for 60 Seconds - unlimited Ball Saver - All Amber Features running - score 1/2 the Amber Value - All Shots lit for Jackpots - 1.5X Amber Value - When the Timer runs out - The Game Is OVER
Mini-Wizard Mode
Museum Mayhem
Play all 4 T-Rex modes to Qualify. Spell T-REX and shoot the Left Ramp to Start!
Phase 1 - Battle 2 Raptors The 2 Raptors will move left every 5 seconds in single ball play. Hit a Raptor for 5M, then the Raptor Pit for 10M, then the Left Ramp (T-Rex) for 20M (T-Rex kills the Raptor). - Repeat to kill the 2nd Raptor. - Hit the Truck to Start Escape - 10M - Hit the Left Ramp to Escape - 75M + Compsognathus Fossil + Earn Victory MB
Phase 2 - Victory Multiball - A 3 Ball Multiball with all shots lit for Jackpots at 3M +250K per shot.
Mini-Wizard Mode
Secure Control Room
Play all 3 Control Room modes to Qualify - you do not need to win these. The Control Room shot will light to Start!
The Raptors are looking at you through the Control Room windows! This is a single ball Hurry-Up mode, with the Hurry Up values increasing in value. - Collect Hurry-Ups (8 total) - Blue Arrow shot - Previous Hurry-Ups will light Green, these add to the hurry-up value and add +5 seconds - The Final Hurry-Up at the Control Room is worth the sum of all the previous hurry-ups
The shot order is: L Ramp, R Ramp, Tower Ramp, R Orbit, Upper Loop, Helipad, Pops, Control Room
Mini-Wizard Mode
Visitor's Center
Awarded for reaching the Visitor's Center - playing through 5 paddocks. A Bonus is awarded based on how well you did in the Paddocks, and the difficulty of your path. Scoring is also based on the same.
Phase 1 - Lure the Raptors - a 2 Ball multiball with the 'O' and 'S' lit (the raptors) - as you make shots, the lit shots will advance to the left, toward the Raptor Pen. Scoring is 10M +1M per shot. Shots may time out, and shift back 1 position to the right - which drops the shot value by 50% for each timeout.
Phase 2 - Trap the Raptors - at the Raptor Pen, hit the Back Target to stun/hold that Raptor. Then shoot the 'C' lane to stun/hold the other Raptor for 20M each. 2 New Balls will be added, and you must hit the 2 Stunned Raptors to Lock them in Cold Storage (and free the balls) and win the mode and earn a Pteranodon Fossil - and start the Victory Targets phase.
Phase 3 - Victory Targets - Hit lit Targets for 1M +250K per hit. - Collect all targets to light the Control Room for a Super Jackpot + Add-a-Ball
Draining to 1 ball prior to reaching the Raptor Locks does NOT end the mode. Keep playing, and when you make the first Raptor Lock shot you will be back in Multiball!
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