The Munsters LE

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Player Dashboard
Display Info
An Overview of the Display Layout... Major Characters (clockwise) 1) Spot 2) Herman 3) Grandpa 4) Raven Clock 5) Lily - Each character displays the level achieved (1 and 2), and a "Boosted" indicator Instrument Panel (bottom) - Combo Meter - current combo level - Super Jackpot Meter - how many SJPs are ready to collect - NOTE: SJP insert flashes faster for higher count - Playfield X Meter (yellow) - current Playfield X - Zap Meter (blue) - hit purple 'Zap' target to charge the Zap meter - Player Scores
Points + Boost
A) Spell D-R-A-G-U-L-A by hitting the big DRAGULA Standup target on the left B) Shoot into the Dragula catapult to... - Randomly "Boost" values for one of the main Character modes - Collect a 5X Dragula value NOTE: Each character has a "Booster" light to indicate it they are currently boosted, and the LCD Dashboard also has Boost indicators
Points + Eddie SJP
Eddie Loops
A) Light an "Eddie" Orbit shot by passing over a lit "Eddie" inlane --- player can select which inlane is lit with the flippers B) Shoot a lit Eddie Loop for points C) Collect 5 Eddie Loops to light the Eddie Super Jackpot
Playfield X + Raven
A) Complete a major area to light Kitty (Herman, Grandpa, Lily, Spot) B) Shoot the Kitty standup to collect 1 to 4 Awards Collecting Kitty awards the following: - Light a Raven award - collect to start Raven MB - Advances Playfield X - Resets Playfield X timer - Advances Bonus X
Awards + SJP
Marilyn Boyfriends
A) The left Marilyn Inlane light the Marilyn Ramp B) Shoot the lit Marilyn Ramp to collect a boyfriend (+ points) C) Various awards for collecting X boyfriends --- lights Marilyn Super Jackpot Various Awards.... - Super Jets - ???
Maximum Scoring
Super Jackpots
Super Jackpots are stackable for Big Points! A) Qualify Super Jackpots in many ways (see below) B) If any SJPs are ready to collect, the SJP insert will flash --- the insert flashes more rapidly as more SJPs are available --- the LCD display has a "Super Jackpot Meter" showing the ready count C) Shoot into the SJP shot to collect! D) Hold the ZAP Button to "Skip" collecting and go for more SJPs! - SJP Scoring increases based on the SJP count - The Playfield Multiplier will multiply the Super Jackpot How to Qualify Super Jackpots
  • Herman - Collect 4 Jackpots in Herman MB
  • Spot - 5 Shots in Spot mode
  • Lily - 100 Switch hits in Lily mode
  • Grandpa - (Premium/LE) Collect X Jackpots in Grandpa MB
  • Enlarging Ray - Collect X Jackpots in Enlarging Ray
  • Raven - Collect X Jackpots in Raven MB
  • Eddie - Collect 5 Eddie Loops
  • Marilyn - Collect X Marilyn Boyfriends
  • ZAP - Collect X ZAP Jackpots
  • Mystery Award - Random Mystery Award
Qualified Super Jackpots carry over from ball to ball! SJP Scoring .5M -> 1.5M -> 2.5M -> ? (optimum at 5 SJPs?)
ZAP Jackpots
ZAP Meter
A) Add to the ZAP Meter (on LCD display) by hitting purple ZAP targets --- After hitting a target the ZAP button will flash for a short time --- Hit the flashing ZAP (lockdown) button to add a "ZAP" to the ZAP meter B) Play Multiballs C) Collect ZAP Jackpots as they become available During Multiballs, when a JP is collected and unlights... -- If a ZAP is available (ZAP Meter > 0), the ZAP will be used to relight the JP shot as a "ZAP Jackpot"
Getting Started
Playfield Layout
1) Dragula Standup - spell D-R-A-G-U-L-A 2) Dragula Race - Super Jackpot - Add-a-Ball 3) Bat Spinner 4) Left Orbit - Eddie 5) ZAP Targets (4) - add to ZAP Meter 6) Spot Ramp - Spot Bash Toy 7) Herman - Herman Bash Toy and magnet 8) Kitty Standup - advance Playfield X and light Raven 9) Top Lanes - Advance Bonus X 10) Pop Bumpers 11) Grandpa Scoop - Mystery + Extra Ball 12) Marilyn Ramp 13) Right Orbit - Eddie 14) Lily Target 15) SPOT Progress 16) Mode Progress 17) Playfield X Indicators - 2X, 3X, 6X (both lit)
4 Skill Shots
Skill Shots
There are 4 Skill Shots in The Munsters: 1) Top Lane (not changeable) 2) Left Ramp 3) Super Skill Shot (Hold left flipper) - shoot Marilyn (Right Ramp) 4) Double Super Skill Shot (Hold BOTH left flippers) - Premium/LE Only ---- Shoot the Grandpa Scoop to go to the lower playfield ---- Shoot the lower PF saucer
A) Hit the 4 purple ZAP standups to qualify Grandpa B) Shoot the Grandpa Scoop to Start - PRO - Enlarging Ray - Shoot the 4 ZAP standup targets to light Jackpots - Shoot the scoop to add more time - Collect X Jackpots to light the Enlarging Ray Super Jackpot NOTE: Enlarging Ray is a Mystery Awarded mode on the Premium/LE - Premium/LE - Grandpa's Laboratory - Activate "The Machine" by shooting both outer orbits - Shoot the Machine to start a 2 mini-ball Multiball - Shoot the 4 mini-pf Jackpots to qualify a Grandpa Super Jackpot --- The mini-ramp adds time --- The mini-saucer awards Mystery
Herman Hurry-Ups
A) Hit Herman 3 times to start a Herman Hurry-Up B) Shoot Herman to collect the Hurry-Up value Collecting the first Herman Hurry-Up within a level Starts Herman Multiball!
Frenzy Mode
Lily Mode
A) Spell L-I-L-Y by hitting the LILY target on the right to start All switches are worth X
Spot is the dragon that lives under the stairs (left ramp) A) Shoot ramps to spell S-P-O-T and SPOT Mode (timed) B) Hit Spot on the left ramp for points
Herman Multiball
How to Start Herman Multiball A) Shoot Herman to advance towards Hurry-Up and Multiball --- You will first reach a non-multiball Hurry-Up --- When you complete this Hurry-Up, the magnet will hold the ball... --- and start the "Monster in the Part" Multiball Hurry-up B) Hit the Held Ball to Start a 3 Ball Multiball --- if you time out the Hurry-Up or drain, the ball will release for a 2 Ball Multiball Multiball Rules - All Major shots are lit for Jackpots (inserts are White) - Shoot Herman to advance Herman lights (3) --- Each set of 3 Herman lights advances him to the next color color (White -> Blue -> Red) --- Every hit re-lights an unlit Jackpot (if any) in the current color (JP levels 1,2,3) - Light Super Jackpot (on left) by collecting X Jackpots - The ZAP meter will relight Jackpots as ZAP Jackpots (if ZAP count > 0) TIP: Super Jackpots accumulate and all are collected at one time - The SJP value is higher the more SJPs are stacked - Hold down the ZAP button to "skip" collecting SJPs, to go for a higher SJP!
Raven Multiball
A) Complete a Major areas to light Kitty (Herman, Grandpa, Lily, Spot) B) Hit Kitty to light Raven C) Shoot the Raven (left ramp) when lit to advance to Raven MB D) Add-A-Ball will light at the Dragula / SJP shot E) Shoot the Left Ramp for Jackpots! --- 3 Left Ramps also Boosts Raven for Boosted JP values! F) The Spinner advances the clock Raven MB Restart - if < 4 JPs collected - shoot left ramp to restart within X seconds
Wizard Mode
Munster Madness
Munster Madness A) Complete all 5 major characters to light B) Shoot the scoop to start 3 Wizard Stages - Stage 1 - All Family Members are lit - -- Shoot one to select them as the "Current" family member --- - you must then complete that family member before moving to the next -- Complete all Family Members to advance to the next Stage -- Each Family Member has a unique reward ---- Marilyn (left ramp) - Super Jackpots for completing other Areas ---- Eddie (orbits) - 2X Jackpots ---- Grandpa - extra time?? ---- Herman - ??? ---- Lily - ??? ---- Raven - ??? - Stage 2 - ???? - Stage 3 - All Hurry-ups
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