Iron Maiden Premium

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Mystery Award
Orb Mystery Awards
A) Shoot Drop Targets to light the Orb Mystery Award --- The Drop Target bank cycles thru these awards: Bonus X, Light Orb, Light Lock B) Shoot the Orb to collect Collect "light orb" from the drops multiple times to increase the Mystery award value.
Power Jackpots!
Power Features
Power features build the "Power Jackpot"... 1) Power Spinners 2) Power Orbits 3) Power Ramps 4) Power Targets 5) Power Pops ?) Cyborg Eddie Multiball - complete ALL Power Features to Start Remaining Hits to activate a Power Feature are shown on the screen left Once activated - shoot power shots to build the Power Jackpot and complete the feature Once complete the Power Jackpot will be lit at the Orb Stacking Power Jackpots increases the Power Jackpot Multiplier up to 5X Power Insert Lights... - Flashing -> Active Power Feature - Lit Solid -> Complete Power Feature
Outlane Ball Save
Revive Outlane Ball Save
A) Shoot the Left Spinner to spell REVIVE B) Spelling REVIVE will light the outlane ball save inserts Revive progress carries over between balls
Tomb Treasures
Tomb Treasures are lit by various tasks (see below) Collect a lit tomb treasure by shooting: A) The right loop on a Pro B) The left ramp on a Pre/LE The awards are... 1) 15 Million 2) Super Slings: 250k+ 3) PRO: Add 15M to Power Jackpot 15M Pre/LE: Can I Play With Madness MB 4) Super Combos: 5X Combos and Deathblows 5) Light Extra Ball 6) Light Revive 7) Collect 2X Bonus: uses current Bonus X also 8) +5X Power Jackpot Multiplier 9) 50M + Level 2 Eddie card (random) 10) Run to the Hills Super Wizard mode Tasks to light Tomb Treasures: - Complete a Battle Mode (5) for a Soul Shard - Collect a loop jackpot - Collect a 6-Way Combo - Mummy Super Jackpot - Trooper Super Jackpot - Complete Number of the Beast - Collect the “Level 2” versions of all 4 Eddie cards
Skill Shots
A) Soft plunge into the skill shot target to score a normal skill shot. This scores 1,000,000 points, one EDDIE letter, and adds 5 seconds of ball saver time. B) Super Skill Shot Hold the left flipper and full plunge. The ball should roll back down to the upper left flipper. Shoot the Super Jackpot shot for 5M, a lit Playfield Multiplier, and a 10 seconds ball saver.
Start a Mode
EDDIE Battle Modes
A) Enable a battle mode by shooting white arrows to spell EDDIE B) Left Spinner changes the flashing EDDIE Mode until EDDIE is spelled C) The center Pharoah target lights the yellow "battle" insert when Ready D) Shoot the Pharoah target to start the flashing EDDIE mode Each mode completion will award a Soul Shard Modes: - Aces High - 2 Ball MB - multiple stages, with add-a-ball for an Orb Mystery - Fear of the Dark - Purple Shot -> Spinner -> repeat -> Right Ramp: 2X spinner shot - Rime of the Ancient Mariner - 2 Ball MB, hurry-up to lock in JP value - Hallowed Be Thy Name - Multiple Steps Progression - Flight of Icarus - Alternating Lit Ramps
Can I Play With Madness Multiball
Premium/LE Only A) Started by collecting the 3rd Tomb Award on Premium/LE Only B) Shoot for the blinking red shot --- every time you flip, the shot moves C) Making a shot locks it in (solid red) Add-a-Ball - after making the first shot
Cyborg Eddie Multiball "?"
A) Complete all Power Features (yellow inserts) to start Cyborg Eddie Multiball. B) During the Multiball, re-light the Pyramid Segments (spinners, orbits, ramps, targets, and bumpers) by hitting them each at least once to light the Super Jackpot at the Orb. C) Collect the Super Jackpot at the Orb -- Awards an Add-a-Ball for the first two SJP's -- Increases the SJP multiplier by 1X Starting Cyborg Multiball lights the Cyborg Eddie card Scoring a 5X Super Jackpot awards a Level 2 Cyborg Eddie card After completing the MB, the Power Features reset and increase in value and difficulty.
Mummy Multiball
A) Shoot the Sarcophagus captive ball to spell MUMMY and light the Sarcophagus Lock B) Lock a ball on the Center Ramp (PRO) Lock a ball on the Left Ramp (Prem/LE) C) Spell MUMMY again to Start Mummy Multiball! D) Spell MUMMY via Jackpots to light Super Jackpot at the Pharoah Target Qualify Mummy Jackpots via switch hits - Pops and Spinners are good Collect lit jackpots at the Sarcophagus captive ball when flashing Jackpot qualifications cannot be stacked, and the switch hits required increases per jackpot. Each jackpot will spot a MUMMY letter. Spell MUMMY to light SJP at the Pharaoh Target (bulls-eye above Ctr Ramp). The SJP value is multiplied for a more accurate bulls-eye shot Subsequent jackpot rounds increase values by 2X, but MUMMY letters will be cycling, and hits to the captive ball will only score a JP when on an available letter. Scoring the Super Jackpot awards an Eddie card. Scoring the level 2 Super Jackpot awards a Level 2 Eddie card. Add-a-Balls are available by completing all yellow shots at a given level: - 1) Both ramps. (2 shots) - 2) Both ramps and both orbits. (4 shots) - 3) Both ramps, both orbits, both loops, center ramp, and Super Jackpot target. (8 shots)
Trooper Multiball
A) Shoot Drop Target Banks to “Light Lock” - lights all 3 locks B) Hit lit green arrows lock shots to virtually lock balls C) Lock 3 balls to start Trooper Multi-Ball. All shots are lit for Jackpots, and unlight when collected. Collecting 3 Jackpots lights the first Super Jackpot (SJP). Shoot the Pharoah to collect the SJP and relight collected jackpots with +1x scoring, uncollected shots remain lit at their previous scoring level. Jackpot shot color shows the Jackpot Multiplier (BGYOR): - 1X Blue - 2X Green - 3X Yellow - 4X Orange - 5X Red Collecting all lit jackpots will also reset all jackpots to the next multiplier level REVIVE spinner jackpot is worth double ???Maybe??? Completing the drop targets lights the center ramp for a Cannon Shot (indicated by rainbow flashing arrow) You must collect a SJP, before you can relight the Cannon Shot Cannon Shot awards one of: - Collects 1-3 lit jackpots (based on how close you are to a bullseye) - Add-A-Ball (only on the first cannon shot of the multiball) - Trooper 4-ball multiball Trick: ---- Get both Trooper MB and Mummy MB one shot each from starting. ---- Shoot the Left orbit, but graze the captive ball on the way in. ---- Trooper will start as a 4-ball MB, and Mummy MB will still be ready to start after Trooper MB is done. Collecting a Super Jackpot will award an Eddie card. Advancing all shots to the maximum multiplier level (5x) awards a Level 2 Eddie card.
Mini-Wizard Mode
2 Minutes to Midnight
The 6th Battle Mode is the "2 Minutes to Midnight" mini-wizard mode. Collect the shot type for each song to light the Super Jackpot shot (from upper mini flipper). Scoring is based on how many points were scored on the modes and can be HUGE if you’ve played out your modes well. Starting this mode awards an Eddie card. Scoring a Double Super Jackpot awards a Level 2 Eddie card. In order to score a double super and earn the Level 2 card you will need to complete all the lit shots twice before collecting the super. If you instead complete shots, score super, complete shots, score super, the level 2 card will not be awarded. After 2 Minutes to Midnight, the Eddie Battle modes reset and can be played again, but the difficulty of spotting EDDIE letters the 2nd+ time around does not reset.
Big Points
Number of the Beast Wizard Mode
A) Collect all 4 EDDIE Cards to qualify ---- Trooper MB Super Jackpot ---- Mummy MB Super Jackpot ---- Start Cyborg Multiball (the Power Pyramid) ---- Start 2 Minutes to Midnight Rules: - Untimed single-ball mode with 30-second initial ball save - 3 shots lit with Red Arrows. Shoot any one of them to light Bulls-eye - Shoot Bulls-eye within 5 seconds to start Counter-Attack phase, otherwise Red arrow phase repeats. - Counter-Attack: all shots lit Yellow for 10 seconds --- Defeat the Beast with 12 Counter-Attack shots --- Requalify and repeat the Counter-Attack phase as needed If you lose your ball, you lose your battle against the Beast and have to requalify all 4 Eddie cards again (except for those Eddie cards that you collected a Level 2 Eddie card). If you have all four Level 2 Eddie cards, you will immediately get to rematch the Beast if you have another ball. Defeating the Beast disables the flippers, drains your ball, then awards 50 Million plus re-awards the value of any Soul Shards collected earlier. Once the Beast has been defeated, it cannot be challenged again until Run to the Hills is played.
Run to the Hills Mega Wizard Mode
Run to the Hills is awarded as the 10th Tomb Award.
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