Guardians of the Galaxy

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Action Button
Hadron Enforcer
Completing the five standup targets scattered throughout the playfield will light the action button for 3 charges of the Hadron Enforcer. When the button is hit, it will spot one shot during the current mode and multiball/wizard mode. Hadrons can’t be used to collect certain mode shots or the Groot/Orb/Cherry Bomb/Immolation/Xandar Super Jackpots. The Hadron Enforcer prioritizes shots on the leftmost side of the playfield and will spot combos and shot multipliers. By far the most important feature in the game!
Shot Multiplier
Nova Corps
Complete the five red Nova Corps rollovers to light the shot multipliers. The top right rollovers, the left inlane rollovers, and the right inlane rollover are lane-changed independently. After completing the rollovers, shoot a pulsing shot to light it for 2x scoring for the rest of the ball.
Ball Save
Outlane Ball Save
Hit the two stab targets to the left and right of Groot to light a virtual kickback on the right outlane. Subsequent completions of the stab targets when the save is lit adds to the value collected when the ballsave is triggered. It takes more completions to re-light the kickback each time.
2X Playfield
Rocket's Rampage 2X Scoring
Hit the Rocket Raccoon shot to collect a letter in RAMPAGE. Spell RAMPAGE to activate 2x playfield scoring for 30 seconds.
Skill Shots
A) Plunge into the flashing top lane for a Skill Shot. Scores 250K and increases by 50K each subsequent skill shot. -- 2X - if the shot is made without any flips B) Super Skill Shot for 1M+ Hold the left flipper and full plunge around the loop. Shoot the flashing white shot (timed) You can also score a super skill shot immediately after locking a ball in Groot by holding the left flipper while the ball auto-plunges (may be a bug).
Duration: 61 seconds
Antiquities Shop (cyan)
This is a switch-based mode. Shoot the random flashing shots to progress through the mode. You can also collect 20 switch hits to progress through the mode. The orbits will divert to the pop bumpers during this mode. Shots start at 500,000 and advance by 500,000 per subsequent shot. Since this is the Broker’s mode, the Orb will always be lit as a shot. To start, the Left Ramp is also lit for one advance. Completing Antiquities Shop starts Super Switches.
Duration: 85 seconds
Escape Kyln (orange)
Complete all of the lit lanes and Groot, then shoot Rocket to complete the mode & light a Shot Multiplier. The orbits will divert to the pop bumpers in this mode, allowing you to complete the two top lanes. Upgrade seems to advance scoring slightly. Since this is Rocket’s mode, Rocket remains permanently lit and spots ANOTHER lit shot on the Playfield when hit. Hadron Enforcers cannot be used to directly spot Rocket. Completing Escape Kyln awards Super Lanes for 10 shots.
Duration: 85 seconds
Knowhere (red)
Hit 8 red shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 400,000 and increase by 400,000. Collecting Upgrade during this mode lights all of the shots for one advance, making the mode easier to complete. Since this is Drax’s mode (and he confronts Ronan), both of the orbits related to these two characters light for permanent advances. Completing Knowhere lights Super Loops for 10 shots.
Start Mode
Use flippers to select a Mode At the start of a ball (if a mode is not running). Any time a mode (or MB) is not running, shoot the right scoop to start a mode. The eight modes are indicated on the center of the playfield, also including Groot MB and Orb MB. Any mode that has been started but not completed will be blinking. Any mode that is completed will be lit solidly. Shoot the lit shots to complete the mode. The timer and progress bar for the currently active mode is shown at the top left of the score display. Progress is saved if the mode times out or you drain in every mode except for Sanctuary. Mode timers are tightly coupled with the length of the movie scene in question, and as such, timers DO NOT PAUSE FOR ABSOLUTELY ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! The ONLY exception to this rule is your initial plunge at the start of a ball. At any point, you may shoot the right scoop to Upgrade the mode. Upgrade acts like Aerosmith’s Crank it Up in that it alters the mode shots, and sometimes makes them more valuable. Completing a mode will start the 2nd level of the mode. In old code (v0.90 and earlier), this is a Super Feature that lasts until another mode is started (end of ball or manually shooting the scoop) or until the number of shots are completed. In new code (v0.95 and later), the Super Feature will continue for the rest of the ball or until the number of shots are completed. Once a Super Feature is exited, it cannot be returned to.
Duration: 154 seconds
Pod Chase (blue)
Shoot 10 blue shots to complete the mode. Shots start at 300,000 and increase by 200,000 each shot. Collecting Upgrade during this mode lights all the shots, making it easier to complete. Since this mode is Nebula’s mode (and is responsible for this whole Gamora chase), both of the ramps are permanently lit for mode advances at any time. Completing Pod Chase lights Super Ramps for 10 shots.
Duration: 166 seconds
Quill's Quest (light orange)
This is a 2-ball Multiball mode (the first time around) where 2 random shots + the right scoop (for Quill) are lit to collect a Hurry-Up value. The value increases 250k after a shot is made. Upgrading during this mode increases the base value of the Hurry-Up permanently, and completing 12 Hurry-Ups finishes the mode. Note that there is a grace period for the Hurry-Up shots. After playing this mode once, it will be a single-ball affair - although you can still stack Groot or Orb Multiball with it. Completing this mode with 2 balls still in play allows you to continue in single ball/2 ball play (similar to Stern Star Trek). During the first playthrough’s multiball, progress cannot be made toward either Groot or Orb multiballs. This playthough will end once you return to single ball play, at which point you can restart this or any other mode and make Groot/Orb progress as usual. Completing the mode allows you to shoot the scoop for a Hurry-Up, with a maximum value of 10% of your score. It might be worth it to play this mode later on when you have tons of points.
Duration: 68 seconds
Sanctuary (yellow)
Complete all 5 of the Hadron Enforcer targets before time runs out. Shooting the left orbit will spot the leftmost Hadron Enforcer target for you. Note that the Hadron Enforcer itself isn’t available in this mode. Completing Sanctuary begins Super Targets. A roving light moves around all 5 of the Hadron Enforcer targets. Shoot the flashing target to collect a Super Target award.
Duration: 101 seconds
Sibling Rivalry (green)
Shoot lit shots (generally in combo) to advance the mode. Upgrading during this mode allows more combo shots to open up; shooting any lit combo shot lights the 4 shots on the left/right side of the Playfield, whichever is more natural for the completed shot. Since this is Gamora’s mode (vs. Nebula), the ramps are permanently lit for mode advances in the non-upgraded version. Completing this mode allows you to shoot the right ramp to re-collect all the points at any time until the end of the ball. This shot collect can be multiplied by Rampage and Groot playfield multipliers, shot multipliers and combo multipliers.
Duration: 54 seconds
Yaka Arrow (white)
Hit 8 white shots to complete the mode. Shooting into the pop bumpers (orbits divert) lights a new shot and spots mode advancement. In order, the temporary shots are Groot (at start), left orbit, left ramp, right orbit, right ramp (?), (?). Shots start at 1,000,000 and increases by 500,000 each shot. Upgrade will allow the left two Hadron standups to spot shots. Completing Yaka Arrow will light Super Pops for 50 pop bumper hits. “Abobally bo bo, abobally bo!” ~ Yondu says the best quote ever made for a pinball machine in this mode
Cherry Bomb Multiball
Complete 4 modes (not including multi-balls) to light the right scoop for Cherry Bomb Multiball. Shoot the red-pulsing right scoop to start the wizard mode. As the name implies, “Cherry Bomb” will be played during the mode. This is a 6-ball, 60 second unlimited ball save Multiball where all shots are flashing and worth 3M (+100K per subsequent flashing shot). Shooting a flashing shot lights it solid; subsequent hits are worth 1M. When all 9 flashing shots are completed, shoot the moving-mouth Groot to score a sum-of-jackpots Super Jackpot and re-light all of the flashing shots. Hadron Enforcers ignore solidly lit shots and only spot pulsing shots. After the 60 seconds are up, the flippers are killed, all balls are drained, and a new ball is served to the plunger.
Groot Multiball
Shoot Groot’s mouth at the center playfield to light the lock, then shoot into Groot’s mouth to lock a ball. 1st MB: 1 hit to qualify lock -> lock 3 balls 2nd MB: 1 hit to qualify lock -> lock 4 balls 3rd+ MB: 2 hits qualify lock -> lock 4 balls In multiplayer games when Groot is "full" of locked balls, virtual locks are used. During Groot MB all shots will be lit for three jackpots per shot. Jackpots start at 250K and increase by 25K. After the 9th and 18th Jackpot, Groot will light alone for a Super Jackpot worth 2M. If any modes have been completed prior to Groot MB, the shots they correspond to will be worth 5x the value and strobe to correlate. 2X / 3X Playfield Multiplier During MB, hit Groot to open his mouth and lock a ball inside for 2X for 20 seconds. Lock a second ball for 3X for 20 seconds. Up to three balls can be locked per Groot MB, so you can either have one 2x->3x period and a separate 2x period, or three separate 2x periods. Double Super Jackpot lights at Groot after all Jackpots have been collected, Groot’s mouth will repeatedly open and close until collected. Collecting will complete Groot MB and the Jackpots will relight. The Hadron Enforcer cannot be used to collect the Double Super Jackpot.
Orb Multiball
Collect 3 Orbs to begin Orb Multiball. Shoot the Orb drop target a number of times to lower it, then shoot the Orb standup target behind it to collect an Orb. Orb Multiball starts by capturing the ball behind the Orb drop target for a hurry-up counting down from 2M (+500K per subsequent MB, +500K per Orb Super) to 500K. Hit the drop target to lock in the hurry-up value for your Orb Jackpots, and free the ball for 3-ball multiball. You get a 2-ball MB if the hurry-up expires. All shots will be lit for Jackpots worth the value of the Hurry-Up you collected. Shooting the Orb drop target at any time doubles the next Jackpot for ~3 seconds. Completing all of the Jackpots will light the Orb for a Double Jackpot. A Super Jackpot Hurry-Up will then begin at the Orb drop target - shoot it as quickly as possible to collect a Super Jackpot and Add-a-Ball. Orb Multiball is completed when you collect the Super Jackpot at the Orb.
Wizard MB
Immolation Initiative
Make at least 50% progress on all eight modes and both Groot and Orb multiballs to light the mode inserts flashing. Shoot the right scoop to start the mini-wizard mode. Immolation Initiative starts as a 3-ball multiball. Jackpots are collected at yellow shots, and also after certain intervals of switch hits. Seems like there are lots of opportunities to add-a-ball after collecting jackpots.
Final Wizard Mode
Save Xandar
Complete all modes and both multiballs to light the mode inserts solidly. Shoot the right scoop to start the wizard mode. 4-ball multiball. Collect all the purple jackpots to light the Super Jackpot at the right scoop. Shoot the right scoop when flashing to collect a huge Super Jackpot and save Xandar to end the mode. This will leave you in a single-ball state with multiple balls in play, at which point all the modes reset and can be played through again.
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