Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Ball Save
Ball Save Timer
A) The Ball Save Timer is below the flippers B) Complete the S-A-V-E lane rollovers to activate the Timer C) Stacking SAVE will increase the Ball Save Level: - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple - Bonus awards 10K per current unused Ball Save Level
Mystery Awards
R-A-D Mystery
A) Complete the RAD Targets to light Mystery B) Shoot the Scoop to collect a Mystery Award - Mystery Awards are Stackable - multiple awards may be qualified in queue Awards Include... - +1 Tilt Warning (usually awarded if out of Tilt Warnings) - Points: 10K, 25K, 150K - Complete Keypad Grid - Enable Ball Save for X seconds - Enable Locks - Increase Lane Save Level - Enable Super Spinner (if not already enabled) - +1x Bonus Multipler - Max Out Bonus Multiplier (7x)
Primary Goal
The primary goal in TNA is to destroy reactors #1 thru #9 A) The Reactor Inserts light as Reactors are destroyed B) The Reactor Status displays the current Reactor Status (100% is Critical) The Steps to Destroy a Reactor: 1) Complete the Reactor Grid to Qualify at the Scoop 2) Shoot the Scoop to Start the Reactor 3) Advance the Reactor to Critical Status (100+) - Upper PF + Spinner 4) Complete the Reactor Grid (red) while active for Jackpots 5) Destroy the reactor by hitting the lit white shots: RAD, Destroy, Pop 6) -- Advance to Next Level Reactor! - Destroying a Reactor collects the current Reactor Bonus - Reactor Value increases with 'Critical Status' - Higher # Reactor Levels increase in difficulty and value - Reactor State carries over ball to ball
Advances Reactor Bonus
A) Start the Reactor to light the Spinner B) Shoot lit Spinner to advance the Reactor's Crictical State (Bonus) C) Super Spinner is started for ???
Skill Shots
Shoot the lit Core Lane --- Hands Free: select lane prior to plunging ------ Spots a full lane ball-save level + completes the Reactor Grid (or JP) --- Regular: if lane change used after plunging (lit yellow) ----- Spots a full lane ball-save level --- Secret Super Skill Shot: It's a secret -> Full Plunge and ??? - The controlled gates may be OPEN, making it difficult to hit the CORE lanes - A short plunge which returns to the plunger may AUTO Plunge TIP: Use a short plunge to hit the Lock lane while Ball Save is on
Bonus Scoring
A) The Bonus Grid shows the current bonus achieved B) Grid Targets Advance Bonus C) Drop Targets Advance Bonus D) Complete CORE to Advance Bonus X: 2X, 3X, 4X
A) Lock 3 Balls to Start in the In-Line Drops (lit green) B) Jackpots are: In-Line Drops (1X, 2X, 3X), Scoop SJP (5X) C) MB Playfield Multiplier = # of Balls in play (2X or 3X) D) Re-Qualify Locks by hitting the 3rd In-Line Drop (lit red) - Add-A-Ball - The first Super Jackpot awards an Add-A-Ball - During MB the Drops will reset if none hit within X seconds TIP: Use MB to safely advance thru Reactor Levels, and for the PF X Jackpot Value: 5,000 * Reactor_Scale (increases with Reactor Level)
TNA Bonus
Destroy All Reactors
Destroy ALL 9 Reactors to BEAT The Game! The game ENDS and you are credited with the Total Nuclear Annihilation Bonus
Tournament Strategy
A) Focus on Progressing Thru Reactors B) Use MB to safely complete Reactors C) Use the MB Playfield Multiplier to maximize high value collects D) "Steal" balls Locked for MB from other players E) Complete CORE for Bonus X
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