Game Of Thrones

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Action Button + Abilities
House Abilities - Choosing a House
At game start each player can select a House to play as. The game may be set to not allow the players to choose. Besides the 7 Houses, there is a "Random" option that will randomly select a House for you. Each house affects game play differently, and as of version 1.35 each house has a unique Action Button ability... Action Button Abilities
  • Stark - Direwolf: Completes the house(s) you are playing
  • Baratheon - Lord of Light: ball savers light for both outlanes for X seconds
  • Lannister - Golden Playfield X: Buys the next Playfield X level for 500 Gold per level # (2X: 1000, 3X: 1500, etc.
  • Greyjoy - Plunder: **Greyjoy always has the Action Ability of the last house defeated
  • Tyrell - Iron Bank: Trades active Multipliers (PFX and Combo X) for Points (max ~300M)
  • Martell - Add-a-Ball: Add-a-Ball during Multiballs
  • Targaryen - Freeze Timers: pauses all active timers (except ball-save) for 15 seconds
Abilities are limited to 1 per ball, except for Lannister. Acquiring a new Action Button Ability (ABA) will replace the current ability. Ways to acquire a new ABA ability:
  • Play as Greyjoy - changes every time you defeat a house
  • Buy with Gold in Mystery - options to purchase Baratheon, Martell or Tyrell (require a lot of gold)
Special House Abilities
  • Stark: +10M for any Winter Is Coming Hurry-Up (which will increase Winter Has Come scoring)
  • Baratheon: +2 Advances toward Battle for the Wall Multiball, Drop Bank advances BFTW, and increased BFTW Jackpots
  • Lannister: +500 Gold at start, accumulates gold 150% faster
  • Greyjoy: Greyjoy spotted + acquires the House Abilities of the last house defeated - houses are tougher to defeat and no stacking
  • Tyrell: 1 inlane is always lit to increase the Combo X (toggle via flippers)
  • Martell: -- no special features -- the Add-a-Ball ability is that good
  • Targaryen: House Targaryen is spotted at game start - all 3 dragons complete
The 7 Houses Summary - House / Shot / Action Button
  • Stark (R Ramp) - Direwolf: Completes the house(s) you are playing
    +10M each WIC Hurry-Up (increases WHC scoring)
  • Baratheon (Drop Bank) - Lord of Light: light both outlane ball savers for X seconds
    +2 Advances toward BFTW, Drop Bank advances BFTW, and increased BFTW Jackpots
  • Lannister (Standups) - Golden Playfield X: Buys the next Playfield X level
    Cost is 500 Gold per PF X#: 2X is 1000, 3X is 1500, etc.
    +500 Gold at start, accumulates gold 150% faster
  • Greyjoy (L Orbit) - Plunder: **Greyjoy always has the Action Ability of the last house defeated
    Acquires abilities of defeated houses, but houses are more difficult and no stacking
  • Tyrell (R Bank) - Iron Bank: Trades active Multipliers (PFX and Combo X) for Points (max ~300M)
    Inlanes lights toggle to add to Combo X
  • Martell (R Orbit) - Add-a-Ball: Add-a-Ball during Multiballs
  • Targaryen (Castle Black) - Freeze Timers: pauses all active timers (except ball-save) for 15 seconds
    Spots House Targaryen - all 3 dragons defeated
There is a lot of info here, so try to learn 1 house at a time!
Outlane Ball Save
Lord of Light Bank
Complete the "Lord of Light" target bank to light the Outlane ball save inserts. This is normally set for once per game, but is operator adjustable to allow repeated use. Subsequent activation requires additional bank completions.
Gold Awards
Mystery / Gold Awards
A) Complete the 5 Gold standups to Light Mystery (and collect gold) ---- Repeated Gold sets collects more gold, for better award levels B) Collect at Right Loop (Pre/LE), or Mystery shot (Pro) C) Choose to "Cash In" Gold for an award (2 options presented) TIP: Playing as House Lannister awards higher Gold values Awards include: - Big Points - 1M, 5M, 25M (multiplied by PFX and Shot X) - Video Mode (multiplied by PFX) - Qualify a House - Increase Bonus X (1X or 3X) - Hold Bonus - Light Lock - +5 Wildfire - Light Extra Ball - Light Super Jackpot (1x, 2x, or 3x) - Light PF Multiplier - Light Lord of Light (Outlane Ball Save)
Various Awards
Pop Bumper Awards
Pop Bumper hits will award... - Add-A-Ball during Multiball - Spot a Winter is Coming shot - Increase Bonus Multiplier (+1X or +3X) - More Time - 10 seconds during a mode or hurry-up - Big Points 1M - Advance Wall (for Wall MB) - Collect 5 Wildfire - Collect 150 Gold - Light Wildfire Mini-Mode - Light Extra Ball - Light Sword - Collect Special
Spot Shots, +Time, Castles
Upper Playfield in Modes
The Upper Playfield enhances the House Modes as follows... -- Adds time to the mode timer -- Awards mode shots (see below per mode) -- Collects Castles for points and Advances toward Castle Multiball Progressively lit shots will Collect a Castle (CAC): A) 3 Standups lit (hit any 1) - adds +5 seconds B) 2 Outer Standups lit (hit any 1) - adds +5 seconds C) Center Standup lit - adds +5 seconds and lights the Castle Loop D) Castle Loop collects the Castle, +15M, +7.5M in bonus, and lights mini-pf shots for more mode awards. Lit mini-pf shot awards (per mode): 1) Stark: Left Loop advances Mode value (same as a ramp shot) 2) Baratheon: Build Baratheon Jackpot (same as lit shots) 3) Greyjoy: After CAC, back lanes spot a currently-lit shot 4) Lannister: Advance Mode value (same as lit gold targets) 5) Martell: Builds Martell Hurry-Up value 6) Tyrell: After CAC, back lanes spot the current lit shot 7) Targaryen: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up --- On Dragon 3: after CAC, spots a Hurry-Up Collect
Skill Shot
Pro Skill Shot: Plunge into the lit Top Lane for 500K * Ball #, +1 Bonus X Premium/LE: A hard plunge feeds the Upper Playfield. No skill shot available.
Points + Advance
House Modes
A) YOUR house is automatically lit B) Shoot a houses shot 3 times to light that house C) Shoot the Mode Start (left ramp) to start 1 or 2 modes (your choice) or PASS NOTE: Greyjoy can only start 1 mode at a time D) To Relight Mode Start: Qualify a new house or light Blackwater MB All modes are timed except Targaryen III (lasts until completed or you drain). Mode progress is saved for: Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Targaryen The House Modes: 1) Stark: Ramps and Mini-PF Loop build payoff -> Orbits collect (40 seconds) 2) Baratheon: build with Spinner -> Castle Black -> 3 Bank to collect (60 sec) 3) Lannister: 5 Gold targets -> lights other shots (5 to finish) (40 sec) 4) Greyjoy: Complete All the main shots. (12 seconds per shot) 5) Tyrell: Alternate Lock Targets and Ramps 6) Martell: 3 Orbit hurry-ups (10 sec each) to complete, optional ramp to collect (30 sec) 7) Targaryen: 3 dragon modes increasing in difficulty --- Complete the lit shots and shoot the dragon to complete each wave. - Dragon 1 - Rhaegal - 3 Hurry Ups (1 ramp, 1 loop, dragon) - Dragon 2 - Viserion - 5 Hurry Ups (2 ramp, 2 loop, dragon) - Dragon 3 - Drogon - 3 Random Hurry Ups + dragon (4 waves) --- Dragon shots will spot a lit hurry-up during Drogon --- If the "wave timer" expires, you restart the wave with "penalty" shots House Completion Awards - 3 Houses - Light Extra Ball - 4 Houses - Light Hand of the King Wizard Mode - All 6 Houses - Light Iron Throne Wizard Mode! Greyjoy Differences 1) Stark: requires both loops and ramps to advance to collect 2) Baratheon: must also hit the center ramp 3) Lannister: must hit every shot once (for shot value increases) as well 4) Greyjoy: - not played - 5) Tyrell: needs to hit each ramp and the Dragon to complete 6) Martell: has lit Ramps jackpot advances (optional) 7) Targaryen: adds a hurry-up at the target banks before starting a Level
Qualify a House Mode
Qualifying Houses
Shoot any House "Area" 3 times to qualify that house - A Flashing House insert indicates that house is Qualified - A Solid House insert indicates that house is Complete Playing a house is not enough to "Complete" it - you must beat the mode! The House Areas are: 1) Stark: Right Ramp (3 shots) 2) Baratheon: Lord of Light Bank (3 sets) 3) Lannister: Gold targets 4) Greyjoy: Left Orbit (3 shots) 5) Tyrell: Green Lock Bank (3 shots, then 3 sets, then timed) 6) Martell: Right Orbit (3 shots) 7) Targaryen: Dragon / Castle Black (3 shots) *Baratheon requires the most shots / target hits (9) to light
Increase BlackWater MB Jackpots
Wild Fire
A) Complete a set of Lock Targets to light WildFire at the Battering Ram --- May also be lit from a Mystery or Pop Bumpers Award B) Shoot the Battering Ram to increase your WildFire --- During WildFire, it only takes 3 Ram hits to advance the PFX (versus 4) --- WildFire increases BlackWater MB Jackpot values! TIP: WildFire resets each ball (?)
Hurry Up
Winter is Coming
A) Once a House is lit, it's House Shot will "Ice Over" (turn Ice Grey) B) Complete any 3 Iced shots to start a WIC Hurry-up on the last shot --- The playfield will go into a crazy "Storm" of darkness with a strobe light effect --- No other mode shots are available during the WIC Hurry-Up C) Shoot the Hurry-Up shot to collect the value and advance toward Winter Has Come Winter Has Come Wizard Mode - collect 4 WIC Hurry-Ups to start!
Big Points!
Playfield X (timer) - 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X 1) 2 Battering Ram hits starts the Blue arrow flashing (on a timer) -- Only 1 hit required if Wildfire is lit 2) Hit Ram w/ flashing Blue Arrow to advance 1X (max: 5X) 3) PFX is also on a timer - PFX insert will flash faster when expiring 4) The timer expires quicker the higher the PFX Shot X / Combo X (timer) - shown on bottom of DMD (5 shots) 1) Make a combo to increase that shots Shot X (max: 5X) 2) Red Arrows on playfield indicate which shots are multiplied (see DMD for total X value) 3) Red Arrows will flash quicker when timing out - All Shots will reset to 1X 4) Making a combo resets the Combo / Shot X timer KEY: The PFX and Shot X are multiplied by each other - Example a 5X shot * a 5X Playfield = a 25X Multiplier! Swords Unlock Multipliers above 3X - Max X starts at 3X per player (but can go to 5X) - Light Swords (right ramp) by completing a house - Collect Sword award to increase the Max X by 1X (max: 5X) Iron Bank Hit the Action button when multipliers are > 1 to collect points -- This does NOT work when playing as Martell (Action Button is an Add-A-Ball)
+Bonus X
Top Lanes
Complete the Top Lanes (2) for: A) +1 Bonus X (max: 20X) B) Advance toward Wall Multiball
Blackwater Multiball
A) Light Lock by hitting the Lock/Tyrell targets -- only 1 target needed before first MB, then both must be hit -- after 2 BWMBs, the lock targets are on a timer B) Lock a ball on the Center Ramp when lit C) Lock 3 Balls to Start! Progressive Multiball 1) Complete Jackpot shots (5) to light Supers at the Battering Ram 2) Hit the Battering Ram for Super JPs until the timer runs out -- Super JP Value: (SJP Base + (6 * SJP Level * JP) * PFX) 3) Repeat JP phase, but hit each shot 2X to light Supers -- Second JP on each shot is worth 2X -- Supers will now be worth 2X 4) Each subsequent level advances: 2X, 3X, 4X (max: ?) TIP: Collected WildFire increases the base Jackpot value Add-A-Ball Opportunities - Pop Bumper Award - If playing as Martell - the Action Button is an Add-A-Ball
Castle Multiball (Pre/LE)
A) Complete the Upper Playfield target sets to Advance --- First complete the 3 standups, then shoot 1 of the 2 lanes B) Advance 4 levels to start Castle Multiball Castle MB has cool "Dragon Wing" sound effects throughout. All switches score increasing values, repeat the Mini-PF sequence for SJPs! The levels are... 1) Archers! 2) Charge 3) Breach 4) Castle Multiball
Wall Multiball
Advance the "Wall Clock" to Ready to light Wall Multiball A) PRO - Complete the Top Lanes to advance to Wall Ready -- PRE/LE - Shoot Castle Black to advance to Wall Ready -- Pop Bumpers may award "Advance Wall" also B) PRO - Shoot the Dragon to Start -- PRE/LE - Shoot the right orbit (Throne) to Start Progressive Multiball 1) 3 Ramps Jackpots -> 1 Dragon/Castle Black Super JP 2) 3 Loops Jackpots -> 1 Dragon/Castle Black Super JP 3) Repeat Add-A-Ball Opportunities - Pop Bumper Award - If playing as Martell - the Action Button is an Add-A-Ball
Mini-Wizard Mode
Hand of the King
HOTK is a mini wizard mode that is completed in “sets” A) Complete 4 houses to light HOTK B) Shoot the Mystery shot to start HOTK C) Each Set lights 4 shots (or 7 if Baratheon is lit) -- lit shots are determined by the lit Houses -- collected values are added to the Super Jackpot D) Finish a set by collecting the Super Jackpot at the battering ram E) Complete 3 sets (2 if Greyjoy lit) to start a hurry up at the battering ram F) After the Hurry-Up, everything starts over G) Inlane Combos - flashing inlanes --- increase the combo value of all main shots by +1X --- sets ALL shots to the max current shot multiplier --- Example: multipliers = [1x 2x 2x 2x 1x], after a lit inlane [3x 3x 3x 3x 3x] --- This can also temporarily increase the combo multiplier to 6x The completed houses affect the HOTK wizard mode: 1) Stark: Bonus round - 20 Seconds of free shooting after a completed set -- light additional shots that are not valuable + could end HOTK prematurely 2) Baratheon: All 7 shots (instead of 4) required to finish a set. 3) Lannister: +125M added to hurry-up 4) Greyjoy: One less set needed to start Super Jackpot hurry up 5) Tyrell: +15M per Super Jackpot 6) Martell: All shots must be completed twice 7) Targaryen: +750K per shot award Even though Stark, Baratheon and Martell seem negative, they offer more shot opportunities
Wizard Mode
Iron Throne
A) Completing all of the Houses to light Iron Throne B) Shoot the Mystery shot to Start! You must defeat ALL 7 Houses to Win the Iron Throne! -- The 7 House feature lamps all start unlit - you must light all 7 -- The 7 House shots will light to select a Siege House -- Play starts with 2 balls (every complete Seige Adds a Ball!) 1) Shoot a lit House Shot to start a Siege on that house -- The first lit House to be hit becomes the current Siege House 2) All seven House shots will light - and must be completed to finish the Siege -- The Siege House shot is lit in it's House Color and worth the most points 3) Complete all 7 shots to light the SJP at the battering ram 4) SJP completes the Siege (House is Lit) and Adds a Ball! 5) The unlit Houses shots light - to select the next Siege House (repeat) 6) Collect Victory Laps after all 7 Houses have been Sieged - until 1 ball play **Once you are in the Final Battle for the Iron Throne - "You Win, or You Die" -- Iron Throne does NOT end until completed - single ball or ball drain! -- All houses reset after Iron Throne is done -- Martell Add-A-Ball can be used at any time during Iron Throne
Winter Has Come
Collect 4 Winter is Coming (WIC) Hurry-Ups to start Winter Has Come! How to Start and Collect WIC Hurry-Ups A) Lighting a House will "ICE" that house shot (the shield turns Ice-Gray) B) Complete 3 ICED shots to start a WIC Hurry-Up on the last ICED Shot C) Collect the WIC Hurry-Up to advance toward Winter Has Come Phase 1 - Horde (timed - listen for ticking clock sound) -- Make 7 shots to complete -- Made shots reset timer -- If timer expires, a shot is added back Phase 2 - Lieutenant - 3 hurry-up shots (White Walkers) -- When a shot is hit, a new hurry-up shot will be added -- If a shot times out, the left flipper becomes FROZEN (deactivated) ---- Hit the CENTER RAMP to UN-FREEZE the left flipper -- If all 3 shots timeout -> last chance hurry-up -> failure returns to Horde mode -- Collect 5 Hurry-ups for a WIC Super Jackpot! -> returns to Horde WIC Hurry-Ups determine WHC scoring - House Stark increases values Iron Throne resets the WIC Hurry-Ups to enable starting WHC again Stacking WHC with Blackwater or Wall MB 1) The Multiball you want to stack must be "ready" 2) Start the 4th WIC Hurry-Up first 3) Start Blackwater or Wall MB before completing the WIC Hurry-Up 4) Complete the WIC Hurry-Up to start WHC stacked!
Getting Started
Game of Thrones is a complex, modern game that will require time to learn the rules for the most fun. This is a good place to begin... Blackwater Multiball - primary multiball 1) Hit Green Lock Target Bank (on right) to light locks 2) Lock Balls on Left Ramp (when lock is lit) 3) Lock 3 Balls to start! Wall Multiball - secondary multiball 1) Advance Clock to "Ready" to light --- PRO - Advance by completing Top Lanes --- PRE/LE - Advance by shooting "Castle Black" 2) Shoot Mystery shot to Start (when lit) TIP: Pop Bumper awards frequently give Add-A-Ball during MB TIP: Playing as Martell activates the Action (lockdown bar) Button for Add-a-Ball The 7 Houses - each has it's own "House Shot" and "House Mode" 1) At game start, you select your House - which is automatically Qualified 2) Shoot any "House Shot" 3 times to Qualify that House (flashing insert) 3) Start a House Mode (or 2) by shooting the Center Ramp when lit -- you choose 0, 1, or 2 modes to start from the Qualified Houses 4) Complete House Modes (solid insert) for points and awards: -- 3 Houses - Light Extra Ball -- 4 Houses - Light Hand of the King Wizard Mode -- All 7 Houses - Light Iron Throne Wizard Mode Summary of Multiballs and Wizard Modes 1) Blackwater Multiball - lock 3 balls 2) Wall Multiball - advance Wall Clock to Ready 3) Castle Multiball - advance the Mini-PF to start (Premium/LE Only) 4) Winter Has Come Multiball - collect 4 WIC Hurry-Ups 5) Hand of the King Wizard Mode - complete 4 Houses 6) Iron Throne Wizard Mode - complete all 7 Houses
Tournament Strategy
- Focus on the Playfield and Shot Multipliers (up to 25X!) - Martell is the safest House Choice - to get the Multiball Add-a-Balls - Qualify Houses early, and stack with Multiballs - Start Blackwater MB and Wall MB
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