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2X Bonus, Extra Ball
A-B-C-D Target Bank
Scores a different Award each time completed: 1) 2X Bonus 2) Extra Ball 3) Special - operator can set for Free Game or Points
A) The KISS Grid - 4 sets of KISS lights - light by the following: B) KISS Lanes at the top - per letter C) KISS Drop Bank on left - complete for a KISS Line D) KISS Targets around the playfield - per letter E) Center Lane at the top spots an entire KISS row Scoring: Each Light: 1,000, Each Arrow (rows/cols): 3,000
Ball Save
Right Outlane Gate
A) Right Outlane Gate will save a right drain when open B) Center Lane opens the Gate when lit
1,000 per Spin w/ Lit
The spinners can be very valuable at 1,000 points per spin!
Big Points
Super / Colossal Bonus
A) Complete the entire KISS Grid to light the saved bonuses B) 1st time: Super Bonus 40,000 C) 2nd time: Colossal Bonus 80,000 The Super Bonus and Colossal Bonus carry over from ball to ball
Tournament Strategy
>>>>> BONUS and SPINNER Points <<<<<<< A) Spell KISS the safest way possible to get the SUPER BONUS(s) Locked in ---- Try to get this done on the FIRST BALL -> it carries over! B) Shoot the spinners and use the Top Lanes to spell KISS -> safer ---- Added benefit of Center Lane -> Opening Gate, and a Complete KISS ---- Lit Spinners are worth 1,000 per spin C) Spell ABCD to get the 2X bonus D) If "Something is Close" -> shoot for it --- KISS Bank only has 1 drop left --- You only need one letter for KISS -> shoot the individual letter standup Bonus Scoring Info: >>> Lit up Grid: 40K - Super Bonus: 40K - Colossal Bonus: 80K >>> Light Colossal Bonus on ball 1 + Get 2X each ball: 160K * 3 = 480K
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