Elvira and the Party Monsters

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Mystery Award
Barbecue Bonus
A) Shoot the Barbecue Targets to light B) Shoot the Center Hole to collect Awards Include... - Extra Ball - Bonus Multiplier - ELVIRA Letter - Mystery Score (50K - 200K) - Special
Bonus X +
BAT Lanes
A) Spell B-A-T to increase the Bonus Multiplier up to 5X B) Also lights the SKULL LOCK as needed C) Lights Monster Slide for an ELVIRA Letter After 5X Bonus, BAT scores increasing points 70K -> 150K
Boogie Bonus
A) Complete J-A-M Drop Targets to light B) Collect at the Center Hole C) Pops add +1K per hit (while BB is lit) The Boogie Bonus starts at 25K - Spelling J-A-M again adds +10K - Maximum: 255K
Boogie Bonus+
JAM Targets
A) Complete J-A-M for the following... B) Light BOOGIE BONUS at the center hole C) Light a SKULL LOCK as needed D) Lights the MONSTER SLIDE for an ELVIRA Letter
Monster Slide (Left Ramp)
The Monster Slide Awards... A) Left Ramp Scores 50K, +25K per shot up to 300K B) HOLD BONUS: lit at Center Hole for 2 Consecutive Ramps C) 1 Million: 4 Consecutive Ramps lights the ramp for 1 Million (timer) --- +1 additional ramp shot required each time it is lit --- additional consecutive ramps award 250K each D) ELVIRA Letter: complete BAT, JAM or WakeTheDead to light (timed) E) Party Ramp: during MB, after a jackpot is collected -> 250K per ramp F) Double Slide: 2 balls "together" during MB -> 500K
Party Punch (Right Ramp)
The PARTY PUNCH (right) ramp progressively awards... A) Points 175K, 200K, 225K, 250K + Extra Ball B) Extra Ball on the 4th Ramp -> resets ramp to 100K C) Points: 100K, 125K, 150K, 175K, 200K, 225K, 250K + Extra Ball The ramp always collects an Extra Ball at the 250K shot, then resets Until an Extra Ball is collected, the ramp value is held over to the next ball "Party Ramp": During MB, once a Jackpot is collected -> 250K per ramp -- plus the standard Party Punch awards (unlike the Monster Slide) Pity Extra Ball: may light on ball 3 on the right ramp if you are not doing well
Lights Pizza Passage
Pizza Targets
A) Hit the 2 Gravestone-Pizza targets for 20K - 200K per completion B) Progressively lights the Pizza Passage: 25K (not lit), 50K, 100K, 150K C) Also lights the right inlane for 25K
3 Million Shot!
Spell E-L-V-I-R-A
A) Light "Spot Letter" on the Monster Slide by spelling BAT, JAM or WTDH B) Collect E-L-V-I-R-A letter on the Monster Slide (when lit) C) Once spelled, the Skull Lock is lit for 3 Million for 20 seconds! If NOT collected, the game will reset to E-L-V-I If Collected, all letters are unlit Letters are carried over game to game by default
1 Million+
Wake The Dead Heads
A) Complete the the 4 Dead Head standup targets on the left B) This will light one of the Dead Heads on the back wall C) After 3 sets, the Center Hole is lit for 1 Million points till the end of the ball Points per set: 20K, 40K, 50K, 60K, 70K, 80K, 200K every time after 6 Each Set lights the left inlane for 25K
Party Monster Multiball
A) Light the SKULL LOCK by spelling JAM or BAT B) Lock 3 balls in the SKULL LOCK to start Multiball! C) Shoot Both Ramps to collect the Party Monster Multiball Jackpot: 4M D) Jackpot may build until collected: 1M - 4M E) "Party Ramps" after a Jackpot: 250K per ramp F) "Double Slide" 2 balls at the same time on the Monster Slide (left ramp)
Tournament Strategy
Big Points are... A) Party Monster Multiball: 1M - 4M Jackpot + Party Ramps 250K each B) Spell ELVIRA: 3M C) 1 Million Monster Slide for 4 consecutive ramps, + 250K ramps after D) 1 Million Center Hole lit at 3 Wake-The-Dead heads
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