Doctor Who

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7 Doctors
Collect Doctors (and their benefits) by... - Selecting at Ball Launch - Transmat Target when lit (X Pop Bumper hits) - Video Mode award Collect all 7 with an Emperor Dalek Jackpot! The Best Doctors for Points are: 6, 3, 1 The Doctors by # 1) ESCAPE: +1 extra letter for each Escape shot -> Lights Video Mode!! 2) Hang-On: Doubles "Hang-on" scoring + extra time -> capped at 2M in L-1 3) W-H-O: more time (7-10 secs) to hit each letter -> easier Sonic Boom 4) Repair: spots a Repair target and Doubles "Repair" scoring --- Spell repair first to qualify, then 1M+ per target, 2M+ w/Doc 4 5) Doubles Pop Bumpers (50K -> 100K) -> lights Transmat quicker to Add Doctors 6) Playfield X Loop Ramp: +1X per loop! and extended PF X time! 7) Multiball: spots needed targets in "Target Mode" to light Multiball All doctors spotted: +20M Bonus End of game: 1M per doctor multiplied by PF X
Extra Ball
Extra Balls
1) Complete 2 waves of Video Mode 2) Complete 2 sets of W-H-O, then 4, 8, 12 (but varies by machine)
Repair Targets
The REPAIR bank will time-out and reset after X seconds of no hits A) Spell REPAIR the first time to qualify better scoring B) Hit REPAIR targets for 1M + 50K per hit - AFTER being qualified Doc 4 Awards +1 targets on Hits and Doubles scoring: 2M + 100K per hit Stack with a 4X Playfield Multiplier during MB for big points
Up to 160 Million!
Sonic Boom Round
Objective in round: spell W-H-O: A) Every 10 Loop Ramps starts a Sonic Boom round - Boom Sounds! B) Shoot 'W' - 10M C) Shoot 'H' - 10M D) Shoot 'O' - 10M Loop Ramps are worth 1M each If the Playfield X is at max of 4X then the total value is: - 10 Ramps: 40M - Each Letter in W-H-O: 40M (3 letters is 120M) - Total of 160 Million!
Add a Doctor
A) Pop Bumper hits will build the Transmat value B) When Transmat is at 100% - hit the Transmat Target to Add a Doctor - The added doctor will be chosen randomly You get to select a Doctor to add at the beginning of each ball. The Transmat allows you to accumulate additional Doctors quickly TIP: Doctor #5 doubles Pop Bumper Transmat values
Video Mode
A) Spell ESCAPE to Light Video Mode B) Shoot the "Police Box" to start Video Mode C) Flip to avoid obstacles - Short Jump - 1 flipper - Long Jump - 2 flippers A Doctor is spotted after each wave Extra Ball awarded after Wave 2 Wave Set Bonus after Wave 4: sum of the wave bonuses -- A full Video mode set can be worth 300M+! TIP: get PF X up BEFORE playing video mode Standard wave pattern for first 4 waves: - Wave 1: S S L L L L - Wave 2: S L L S S S S - Wave 3: S S S L L L S S S - Wave 4: L L S S L S L L L
4X Playfield Multiplier
4X Playfield Multiplier
A) Shoot the Loop Ramp to increase the Playfield Multiplier up to 4X --- 6 Ramp Shots to get to 4X --- only 3 Ramp Shots after Doc 6 is lit B) Every 10 loops starts a Sonic Boom Round... ---- spell W-H-O for 10M per shot (multiplied by up to 4X = 40M) ---- Hitting the Loop ramp ENDs the Sonic Boom Round Doc 6 advances the PF X twice as fast for Loop Ramps!
1) Lock Balls in the 2 lock saucers OR hit the lock target if saucer is occupied --- Doc 7 awards a target mode hit for each Lock Target shot 2) Target Mode -> Time Expander raises to show targets -> complete them --- Doc 7 awards an extra target hit for each hit to the bank! 3) 3 Expander Gates - decide the starting JP level: shoot one to start Multiball --- Tip: Build the PF X before starting the multi-ball 4) Shoot all 3 gates to score a Jackpot -> and advance to next level 5) Davros Target Mode: after attaining Davros level -> complete a target mode 6) Davros Super Jackpot: One final 3 Gates round for 100M! Dalek Levels: Bronze 30M, Silver 35M, Gold 40M, Supreme 45M, Emperor 50M Davros Super Jackpot: 100M Multiball Restart If no jackpots are scored, lock 2 balls in X seconds to Restart!!!
Tournament Strategy
The biggest points are in Video Modes, PF Multipliers and Multiball 1) Video Mode - Doc 1 -> Spell Escape -> Start Video Modes 2) PF Multipliers - Doc 6 + Loop Ramps to light -> use Constantly! 3) Multiball - Doc 7 helps light MB -> Lock, Targets -> Start! Also valuable 4) Sonic Booms - spelling W-H-O -> Doc 3 gives more time/easier 5) REPAIR targets can be valuable in MB -> Doc 4 doubles values
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