Jurassic Park

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Captive Ball - "Egg"
Awards are given for "Egg" (captive ball) hits... Egg#/Hits Award 1/3 5M 2/4 10M or Extra Ball 3/5 15M 4/6 Extra Ball 5/6 20M 6/6 Mystery
Mystery Awards
A) Shoot the Ramp X times to light Mr. DNA at Hammond's Bunker B) Shoot Mr DNA (left scoop) when lit to collect C) Player gets to choose between 3 random Mystery awards NOTE: Two consecutive Ramp shots get +1 advance to Mr. DNA Ramp shots made while Mr. DNA is lit count toward the next Mr. DNA Extra Ball is lit after 10? Mr. DNAs
All Shots!
Smart Missile
Each player gets One (1) Smart Missile per game. The Smart Missile collects everything currently lit on the playfield - Exceptions: Mr. DNA, T-Rex Bounty, Hold awards, Advance X - The Outlanes "Deactivate" the Smart Missile when hit
T-Rex Bounty
A) Hit T-Rex to spell "T-Rex" on the 4 red llghts above the rules card B) Once T-Rex is Spelled - shoot the T-Rex to collect the bounty 5M - 100M -- T-Rex Letters carry over from game to game
Victory Lap
A) When a replay value is reached, the ramp lights for Victory Laps (30 sec) B) Ramp shots score 5M each -> up to 5 C) 6th Ramp Shot scores 25M D) The Smart Missile does NOT work for Victory Laps
Skill Shot
Shoot the dinosaur on the DMD when it's in the cross hairs. The trick is to wait for the dinosaur to pause, and then time your shot Don't shoot too early!
Computer Screen Modes
There are 11 "Computer Screen" modes, Pops change lit mode until mode start is lit A) Light the "Control Room" scoop - which is the mode start --- always lit at the beginning of a ball --- light by shooting the Power Shed scoop --- light temporarily (5 sec) by passing through an inlane (prior to System Failure) B) Shoot "Control Room" scoop to start a mode The modes are: 1) Stampede - 20 sec Frenzy all switches 300K+, T-Rex or Galimimus 5M 2) Escape Isla Nubar - Hurry Up: Visitor Center, Boat Dock, Helicopter pad 3) Raptor 2-Ball MB - lights at the Boat Dock 4) Electric Fence - 20 sec to get 15 hits in Bumpers or Slingshots 5) Spitter Attack - Hit spitter targets for 5M -> 10M -> 15M 6) System Boot - Hit the 3 scoops for 5M -> 10M -> 15M 7) Raptors' Rampage - Hit Raptor for points 5M - 10M 8) Mosquito Millions - 20 sec to hit Mosquitor for 5M +1M per shot 9) Feed T-Rex - 30 sec to feed the T-Rex for 30M 10) Bone Busting - 20 sec to hit the Ramp 3 times for 20M 11) Light Extra Ball - Lights the Extra Ball at the Boat Dock 12) (System Failure) Wizard Mode - Play ALL modes to light
Tri-Ball Multiball
A) Hit all the Species targets to light --- NOTE: can spot targets by hitting the Boat Dock when lit --- May use Smart Missile to collect all Species targets -> to light B) Shoot the T-Rex (or multiple Raptor shots) to Start! --- May use Smart Missile to start C) 2 Jackpots are lit: Ramp for 15M+, Helicopter Pad for 30M+ D) Shooting either Jackpot starts CHAOS Mode - spell C-H-A-O-S E) Once CHAOS is spelled -> 6 Ball Multiball! -> spell C-H-A-O-S again F) Now Feed T-Rex (50M) -> lights Ramp and Upper Loop for Super Jackpots --- NOTE: the Smart Missile will collect BOTH Super Jackpots! G) After both SJPs are collected, jump back to E) spell C-H-A-O-S again SJP value: 100M per ball in play (6 Balls = 600 Million) MB Restart (1st MB Only) - 15 seconds to hit T-Rex or the Raptor
Wizard Mode
System Failure
A) Collect/Play all the modes to light B) Shoot the Control Room or Power Shed to start System Failure is a Six-Ball mode which lasts for 45 seconds - All switches score 1M - Smart Missile scores 50M (even if used to start System Failure) - All points are awarded AFTER the mode - so don't tilt - After playing System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room
Tournament Strategy
A) Play All Modes to reach System Failure Wizard Mode B) Play Tri-Ball -> CHAOS -> Super Jackpots for a possible 1200 Million! Try to Save your Smart Missile to collect 2 600M Super Jackpots in Multiball!
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