Toy Story

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Extra Balls!
Extra Balls
Light the 'Extra Ball' award at the scoop by
  • 3 Skill Shots
  • 10 Caboom Jumps
  • Take a Chance Wheel award
Mystery Awards
Second Chance Store
Light the Mystery award by collecting X switch hits. Shoot the scoop to collect. Mystery Awards
  • 50 Tickets
  • Hold Bonus (Ball, Jump, Tickets)
  • Light Wheel
  • Ball Save Timer
  • Woody or Bo Peep Spins
  • Award Sheriff/Sheep Target
  • Carnival Lock
  • Start Gabby Gabby Mystery Hurry-Up
  • Advance Super X
  • Add Time to Super Spinner
  • Add Time to Super Jets
  • Add Time to Gabby Gabby Frenzy
  • Light Jump Ramp
  • Collect Bonus
  • 2X Tickets Timer
  • Light Save Forky
  • Free Tickets X
  • Collect Tickets Points
  • My Good Friend Benson
Various Awards
Take A Chance Wheel
Hit the captive ball to spell ALIEN to light the Take a Chance Wheel. Shoot the wheel to collect (qualify) the lit reward. Change the lit reward by: - Captive Ball nudges the wheel - Upper Loop spins the wheel The Wheel Awards are
  • Gabby Gabby Frenzy - Right Ramp starts > hit Gabby Gabby to advance to her Multiball! (30 second timer)
  • Caboom - lights Jump Ramp for 50K + 25K per consecutive jump - max of 150K
  • Unlimited Kickback - on the left outlane for the rest of the ball
  • Super Loops - Upper Loop >> loops add +1X to bonus muliplier
  • Super X - 2X Playfield started at the Left Ramp. Jump Ramp + Mystery add +1X up to 4X!
  • Tiki Party Pinball - start at the Left Ramp
  • Hold Bonus X - collect at Woody's spinner/saucer
  • Extra Ball- collect at the scoop
The goal of Toy Story 4 is to Meet Me at the Carousel (MMATC), which is the Wizard Mode. You play through 7 "Scenes" to get to the carousel. The 7 Scenes are a variety of activities:
  • Road Trip MB - Lock 3 balls behind the Left Drop Target
  • Buzz Quick MB - Shoot the Buzz Saucer to start
  • Rescue Forky - Spell FORKY >> Left Ramp starts
  • Carnibal MB - Ramps collect Tickets >> play a Carnival Game >> Lock 3 balls at scoop to start
  • Super Spinners - shoot both spinners X times to start
  • Caboom Jumps - inner loop lights Jump Ramp >> collect 5 successful jumps
  • Bo Peep - 15 Upper Loops or 3 Consecutive
The first time you get to the Wizard Mode - you are Buzz, the second time you are Woody (they are different). After BOTH Woody and Buzz "Meet at the Carousel", you get to see "Fireworks"!
Points + Extra Ball
Skill Shots
Skill Shot: plunge the ball into the Woody Saucer awards 50 tickets + 50K + 5X Bonus Multiplier Super Skill Shot: if you make the Skill Shot, shoot the upper loop for Super Skill shots repeatedly! Complete 3 Skill Shots to light an extra ball!
Advance to Carousel
7 Scenes
There are 7 "Scenes" you must play through so you can "meet at the Carousel", which is the Wizard Mode. The Scenes are:
  • Road Trip Multiball
  • Buzz Quick Multiball
  • Forky Rescue
  • Carnival Multiball
  • Super Spinners
  • Duke Caboom Jump
  • Bo Peep Loops
Completing the 7 Scenes qualifies Meet Me At The Carousel Wizard Mode!
Bo Peep Loops
Bo Peep is the Upper Loop Shot. Qualify Bo Peep by making 15 loops Complete Bo Peep by making 3 consecutive loops - adds +1X to MMATC
Points + Carnival MB
Carnival Games
Shoot the ramps to collect Tickets to qualify a Carnival Game Shoot the left ramp to start one of 12 Carnival Games:
  • Flipball - the Left Ramp
  • Hypnosis - FORKY targets + shots
  • Jet Stream - Captive Ball + Spinners (yellow/cyan shots)
  • Ferris Wheel - Ramps (red/blue shots)
  • Squirrel Derby - Ramps + Bumpers + Spinners
  • Milk Can Bottle Blast
  • Star Adventurer - Purple/Green shots
  • Dragon ZoneFORKY + targets
  • Hammer TimeRoad Trip Lock + R. Ramp, L. Ramp + Woody Spinner, U. Loop + Captive Ball
  • ThrillipedeR Ramp > R Saucer > U Loop > L Ramp
  • Pop DartsYellow/Green shots (mostly targets)
  • ZoetropeUpper Loop + Ramps
Making shots lights the scoop to add 3 seconds to the mode. After Winning a game >> the Left ramp is lit to add a Perk/Toy to Carnival Multiball:
  • Long Ball Save
  • Auto Restart - like getting 2 Carnival MBs!
  • Targets Increase Jackpots
  • Stage Completion Ball Saver
  • 4X Jackpots - bonus +1X on 3X Jackpots
Playing a Game lights the MB Lock at the Scoop - lock 3 balls to start Carnival Multiball!
Jackpot + Extra Ball
Duke Kaboom Jumps
Light the Caboom Jump ramp (left inlane) by shooting the inner loop. NOTE: the flashing Maple Leaf indicates the Jump Ramp is ready. After a jump > the Right Ramp flashes red >> Continue (Left Ramp) or Collect (Road Trip Lockup) which collects the JP and adds +1X to MMATC. The scene is qualified after 5 successful jumps. Collect 10 jumps to light Extra Ball!
Kickback + Points
Forky Rescue
Spell FORKY to light the Kickback and "Forky Rescue" at the Left Ramp . Shoot the Left Ramp >> Duke Kaboom Ramp >> Scoop for 250K! When FORKY Rescue is lit, roving FORKY targets add 50K to the value. Forky must be Rescued to qualify Meet Me At The Carousel
Super Spinners
Complete X spins each on the Woody and Bo Peep spinners to start. Spinners add to the Spinner Jackpot >> Collect at the Captive Ball - you can collect it 2X, which adds +1X to MMATC!
Buzz Quick Multiball
To Light: collect hits to the Inner Voice saucer or hit the Warp target (must not hit any bumpers). Get the ball into the Inner Voice saucer to start! How to Play Shoot the ramps for Jackpots, bumpers add +1X to jackpots for X seconds. After X jackpots the Super JP lights at the Inner Voice saucer. Intergalactic Jackpot hurry-up starts after collecting the Super JP! - collecting this adds 1X to Meet Me At the Carousel wizard mode
Carnival Multiball
Play a carnival game to light Carnival Multiball. Lock 3 balls in the scoop to start. Summary - Carnival MB is all about the Caboom Jump ramp. Stage 1: Shoot Jackpots until the Super lights on the Caboom Jump! - collect the Super to advance to Stage 2 Stage 2: same as Stage 1, but a missed Caboom/Super must be relit by more jackpots. Collect a Super to advance to Stage 3 Stage 3: Shoot the Caboom Jump to start a looping Caboom Jump combo. Each combo adds +1X to the next JP up to 4X. Complete all lit shots to advance to Stage 4. Stage 4: Shoot the Jump ramp to light jackpots
Gabby Gabby Multiball
Collect X Gabby hits (5 the first time, 8 thereafter) to complete her name to start. Gabby Gabby is a 2 Ball MB. Shoot ramps, Gabby Gabby and the Upper Loop
Road Trip Multiball
Light Locks by hitting the Drop Target. Lock 3 balls behind the Drop Target to start! Shots are worth 1X to 3X based on difficulty and add to the Mega Jackpot. After X shots, the Super Jackpot is lit at the Drop Target. After the Super JP, the the Mega JP Hurry-Up starts (at the lock shot). Add-a-Ball - shot Army Men, Bo Peep and Woody to light add-a-ball at the Army Men Captive Ball Shot Multiplier - shoot Right Ramp to light >> spinners change the X multplier value >> shoot the Captive Ball to activate >> the next Jackpot will then be multiplied!!
Big Points
Meet Me At The Carousel
Qualify by qualifying or completing all 7 scenes + winning Forky Rescue.Shoot X to start. Scoring Multiplier = +1X for each completed scene (up to 7X). You can take 2 paths to the Wizard Mode: - Woody's Path - Buzz's Path You must get to the Wizard mode twice to see both sections
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