Guns N' Roses

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Light Song Multiball
Collecting Band Members
Collect all 7 band members to light the Scoop to Start a Song!
  • Axl - spell A-X-L on the Top Lanes
  • Slash - spin the record (also qualifies 'Slash Solo'
  • Duff - Left Ramp > Upper Left Ramp
  • Frank - Right Ramp or Pop Bumpers
  • Richard - Center Spinner
  • Dizzy - roll over the Purple Keyboard insert
  • Mellisa - roll over the Teal Keyboard insert
Solid Band Member inserts are collected.
J-A-M - Spell J-A-M via the right inlane to light the JAM target (left of scoop) for a short time. Hitting the lit JAM collects 1-6 missing Band Members - more for a fast combo of shooting the left orbit >> hitting JAM target (speed matters).
Mystery Awards
Mystery Awards - at the Scoop
Spell GUNS N ROSES by hitting the GNR Logos around the playfield to light. Collect by shooting the Scoop.
  • Start a Song
  • Spot 1+ Band Members
  • Light Extra Ball
  • 1-3 Patches
  • +1 or +2 Tilt Warnings
  • X Locks
  • Points
Special Rewards
Spell G-N-R on the left inlane to collect the currently selected Patch. Drains from the upper playfield count as an inlane hit on the LE.
LighterAlbum Sales Scoring Increased
Melissa's CandySpots Melissa's tour item
Semi Truck+15 Song Level for You Could Be Mine
Chinese Democracy Album+1 Streak Break Protection for Shall We Play a Game?
FirecrackerEasier Action Button Jackpot for Ignite the Flames Multiball
RoseAxl Spotted Rest of the Game
Axl’s Mic Fuzzy+15 Song Level for Better
Slash’s HatIncrease Record Spin Scoring
GunIncrease All Patches’ Scoring
BraIncrease Skill Shot Scoring
AmpLonger Hurry Up Timer for Turn it Up! MB
Use Your Illusion I AlbumIncreased Scoring for Desert Demolition
IV BagIncrease Timer for Coma Ball Save
Train+15 Song Level for Nightrain
Underwear+1 Coma Target
FenderShooting Active Band Members Spots Other Members
T-ShirtAdditional Tour Item the Rest of the Game
EKGIncrease Ball Saver Time for Coma Multiball
Condom+15 Song Level for Rocket Queen
GibsonSlash Spotted Rest of Game
PosterIncreased Timers for On the Road
VaterFrank Spotted During Songs
Duff SkullDuff Spotted During Songs
Guitar Pick3x Record Spins for Slash Solo
GN’R Lies AlbumUnlock Patience
SunglassesAdvance Tour Cities
MarshallEasier to Finish Slash Solo
Appetite for Destruction AlbumPower Hit Meter Starts Half Full in Thirst for Carnage
LightsIncreased Combo Timers
Use Your Illusion II AlbumCannon Can Wrap Around in Tear Down the Wall
BandanaIncrease JAM Hurry Up Timer
Horn Hand
Airplane+15 Song Level for Live and Let Die
Frank’s DrumsticksSuper Jets

Patch Sets - Collect complete Patch Sets for even better rewards...
Patch SetReward
Horn + Lights + Amp + FirecrackerUnlimited Booster MB Plays!
Gun + Rose+15 Song Level for Welcome to the Jungle
Underwear + BraDouble Bonus Rest of the Game
EKG + IV Bag+1 Ball + Increased Scoring for Coma Multiball
Airplane + Train + Semi TruckIncreased Scoring for Tour Multiball
Vater + Gibson + Fender + MarshallLight Extra Ball
T-Shirt + PosterRock-It Meter Flipper Decay Halved
All 4 Albums2X Album Levels
9 Songs
Appetite for Destruction - Album
  • Welcome to the Jungle 4:31 - many shots >> Loops + Targets >> Inner Loop >> All Shots >> Targets >> Loops >> Ramps >> Coma Target
  • It's So Easy 3:21 - All Shots >> make 10 to complete a wave
  • Nightrain 4:26 - Ramps + Album Targets >> AXL Lanes >> Ramps >> AXL Lanes
  • Out ta Get Me 4:20 - Left Side >> Right Side alternating
  • Mr. Brownstone 3:46 - Center Spinner lights 2-3 shots >> repeat
  • Paradise City 6:46 - Pop Bumpers! - Loops divert to Pops >> Bumper hits light major shots
  • My Michelle 3:39 - 2 Hurry-Up shots lit at a time
  • Sweet Child O' Mine 5:55 - Loops + Ramps alternating
  • Rocket Queen 6:13 - Left to Right >> Right to Left - Loops + Ramps + Center Spinner
Note: It's So Easy and Mr. Brownstone are removed on Family Settings
Thirst for Carnage - Album Mode - Play 3 Minutes of Songs on an Album to qualify Album Mode - at the Silver Record level - Play more songs from an Album to earn Gold and Platinum levels It's a battle between you and the Robot! Shoot lit Hurry-Ups to damage the Robot -> repeat the shot up to 3 times for more damage! Charge the Power Hit Meter by shooting Green Flashing targets - press the Action Button when it's charged for a powerful attack. Completion Bonus is bigger the faster you complete the mode
3 Songs
Chinese Democracy - Album
  • Chinese Democracy 4:43 - All Major Shots Lit! Shoot X Shots to Advance!
  • Better 4:58 - 2 Shots at a Time (Left Loop + Ramp | Right Loop + Ramp | Center Spinner + Upper Loop) >> Spinning Record
  • This I Love 5:34 - Left Side + Right Side alternating

Shall We Play a Game? - Album Mode - Play 3 Minutes of Songs on an Album to qualify Album Mode - at the Silver Record level - Play more songs from an Album to earn Gold and Platinum levels The POPR Computer (AI) shuts down the game.
  • Shoot Blue/White Shots consecutively for a Streak
  • Red/Yellow Shots Break the Streak
Longer Streaks progess faster Completion Bonus is bigger the faster you complete the mode
5 Songs
Use Your Illusion I - Album
  • Live and Let Die 3:04 - Targets + Spinner >> Ramps + Loops + Spinner >> 8 Major Shots >> Spinner
  • Don't Cry 4:44 - Shots change every 2 Waves - Left Ramp + 2 R. Targets >> Right Ramp + 2 L. Targets >> Standup Targets
  • Double Talkin' Jive 3:23 - 2 Hurry-Up Shots lit at a time - moving clockwise
  • November Rain 8:57 - Frenzy! Hit X switch hits per wave (increasing). Good Song to come into with a high Song Level
  • Coma 10:13 - Major Shots + Coma Target alternating. The Right Ramp detour will activate to feed the Upper Flipper to hit the Coma target
Note: Double Talkin' Jive is removed on Family Settings
Desert Demolition - Album Mode - Play 3 Minutes of Songs on an Album to qualify Album Mode - at the Silver Record level - Play more songs from an Album to earn Gold and Platinum levels Make the 7 band members crash to Win the Race! The Bamd Member closest to you (the red racer) will have their shot lit -> shoot it to make them crash. - Use the Action Button to accelerate - so you don't end up in Last Place! - Switch Hits build the Turbo Meter for a boost Completion Bonus is bigger the faster you complete the mode
3 Songs
Use your Illusion II - Album
  • Civil War 7:42 - The Upper Loop! + Ramps + Loops
  • Estranged 9:23 - 2 Alternating States - 4 Targets are Lit + Roving Ramps/Loops, OR 4 Targets are Roving + Lit Ramps/Loops
  • You Could Be Mine 5:43 - 1 Shot at a Time - repeat X times to complete a wave

Tear Down The Wall Album Mode - Play 3 Minutes of Songs on an Album to qualify Album Mode - at the Silver Record level - Play more songs from an Album to earn Gold and Platinum levels Six Posters (on the display) correspond to 6 Major Shots. Spin the Record to move the cannon depending on the Spin Direction.. Once the cannon is pointing at a Poster >> Press the Action Button to destroy it! Shoot the lit shots to build up Multipliers on the Poster Shots before shooting them with the cannon. Shooting a damaged shot will put a New Poster in that spot which you must shoot again. Completion Bonus is bigger the faster you complete the mode
Boost Songs
Booster Multiballs
Booster MBs make it easier to collect band members, lock balls, advance the Song Level
  • Ignite the Flames MB - Red Shots - hit the "Pyro" target 4 times to start. Hit X switches to a timed Jackpot on the LCD! The shaker will go off and all inserts turn red. A fuse moves across the screen for a 1x, 2X or 3X Jackpot!
  • Throw the Lights MB - Purple Shots - 3 'Lights' target hits to start (upper playfield). Shoot the Ramps (Combos are faster) to light the Jackpot on the upper playfield
  • Make Some Noise MB - Blue Shots - light "Noise" (under upper right flipper) by making skill shots. Shoot 2 lit JP shots to light SJP at "Noise"
  • Turn It Up! MB - Yellow Shots - start by spelling AMP on the Left Inlane. Complete Hurry-Ups to light Jackpots
Booster Inserts - flashing indicates 'Ready', Solid has been played After a Booster MB has been played, they can be maximized by Shooting their respective shot.
Save the Ball!
Coma Ball Save + Multiball
Light the Coma ball save (left outlane) by hitting the Coma target X times.
The 40 Second Timed mode will start if you lose the ball down the left outlane. - First hit 100 switches to empty the IV Bag. - Then Hit the 2 lit shots to start Coma Multiball!
Coma Multiball Shoot lit Shots for Jackpots!
Big Points!
Song Multiball
All Songs have multiple stages to go through. After each stage, shoot the Scoop (flashing Green/White) to advance to the Next Stage and Add-a-Ball! If you only have 1 ball in play, you are given the choice: Collect the Song Jackpot or Continue? Continuing will Add-a-Ball and exponentially increase the Song Scoring and the Song Jackpot!
Song Level starts at 10 and is increase Prior to Starting the Song:
  • Booster Multiball Super Jackpots! +50
  • Collect the Patch for the Song +30
  • Start the Song given by the game (do not change) +15
The Song Level reset to 10 when the song ends IF you don't collect Encore
Rock-It Meter During a song the Rock-It Meter reflects how well you are playing. Making shots moves the meter up - time without making shots lowers the meter (especially if you cradle the ball). Zero Meter - will Boo you off the stage and end the Song! Encore Song - for a Full Rock-It Meter when completing a Song If the Rock-It meter is Full when you complete a Song you get to play an Encore Song! This will be the next song on the album and continues at the same Song Level, Scoring and # of balls! Multiple Encores can be played - just keep the Meter Full when completing Songs. NOTE - the Applause Jackpot is NOT needed to get an Encore Song.
Band Frenzy starts if you collect all Band Members during a Song (when they are lit). Band Frenzy increases the Song Jackpot for every switch hit!
Power Chord Award - during Song MB, re-Lock balls on the upper playfield >> a 20 second timer starts to Lock another ball. Continue locking to build the Power Chord - 2 ball: 100K, 3: 250K, 4: 500K, 5: 1M, 6: 2.5M. When the timer runs out, the balls are released + an Add-a-Ball. You can only score each Power Chord (2,3,4,5,6) once per Song.
Applause Jackpot Shoot the scoop during the Last 10 Seconds of a song to collect! If you don't collect it, you lose it!
Big Points!
Starting a Song
Starting Songs is the main goal of GNR -> Collecting all 7 Band Members and Playing a Song! For each collected band member, you can lock a ball via the Left Ramp. - if you lock all 6 balls on the upper playfield, the Song will start automatically. Once all 7 band members are collected, shoot the Scoop to start the Song!
Selecting the Song - once the Song is Qualified, one of the Album lights will be lit white and the currently selected song will display on the playfield LCD screen. Hitting the Album Standup Targets next to the ramps will change the currently selected song. Note - the Album targets from left to right:
  • Chinese Democracy - Left Ramp - Left
  • Appetite for Destruction - Left Ramp - Right
  • Use Your Illusion I - Right Ramp - Left
  • Use Your Illusion II - Right Ramp - Right
When you get the ball in the scoop, you can change the Song using the action button - but the Song Level will decrease by 15! So you're better off to NOT manually changing the song. Songs cannot be replayed, once they have been played. Unless possibly you play ALL of them!
Tour Multiball
2 Ball Multiball - may not be completely coded. Shoot loops to light Jackpots and Super Jackpots Add-a-Ball - hit the standup targets on the sides of both ramps
Wizard Mode
Not in this Lifetime Wizard mode
This is the "No Sympathy For the Devil" Wizard Mode. You have 120 seconds to recover GnR''s instruments from the devil - shoot each band members shot 2X while lit (shot light for ~15 seconds) - each band member shot scores 5K
Special Features Each Band Member has a special feature active - when their respective shot is lit
  • Axl - A-X-L Lanes - Pop Bumpers are Manually Activated via the Action Button
  • Slash - spinning record - Reversed Flippers
  • Duff - U. L. Ramp - Upper L Flipper cannot be held
  • Richard - Center Spinner - Lower Flippers controlled by the Action Button
  • Frank - ? - Right Ramp diverter is random
  • Dizzy - L. Keyboard - Left Flipper controlled by the Action Button
  • Melissa - R. Keyboard - Right Flipper controlled by the Action Button
Dizzy and Melissa lose shots if the Scoop is hit without hitting their keyboard
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