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F-A-C-E-S Rollovers

A) Complete F-A-C-E-S rollovers to light features B) Each time FACES is spelled an "Eye" lights up Spelling FACES Awards 1) Light 1K Pop Bumpers 2) Lights Extra Ball on the Inlanes 3/4) Lights Special
Bonus Points

Green-Red Bonus

Faces has 2 bonus counts identified as the "Red Bonus" and "Green Bonus" Add to bonus with: 1) 3 of the Top Saucer awards 2) The Red and Green Standup Targets (including A and B) 3) The Outlanes 4) Double Bonus is lit by hitting both the A and B targets 5) Change Selected Bonus with Saucer or "Change" Target Red targets advance the RED Bonus Green targets advance the Green Bonus After the ball drains, only the Selected Bonus (Red or Green) is added

Saucer Awards

The Top Saucer awards are... 1) Advance Red Bonus 2) Selects Green Bonus 3) Advance Green & Red - Advances both Green & Red Bonuses 4) Selects Red Bonus 5) Advance Green Bonus -- Additionally, the saucer ALWAYS awards 5,000 points and Opens the Gate -- The Open Gate is the Left Top Gate ---- When open Right Orbit shots will loop to the upper Left Flipper
1K per Spin when lit


Spinners light at Max Bonus for the respective spinner side (red/green) -- So Shoot the Spinners to Light the Spinners for 1K per spin!

Tournament Strategy

A) Light A + B to light Double Bonus B) Hit stand-ups or saucer to build bonus to Max >> to light spinners! C) Shoot the Spinners to collect 1K per spin D) Spell F-A-C-E-S to light the Pop Bumpers
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