Pabst Can Crusher

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200 Points

200 Point Shots

200 Point Shots - When Lit (usually 1 lit): 1) Left Standup - must hit target dead center 2) Right Standup - must hit target dead center 3) Saucer 4) Top Yellow Lane - lit for Skill Shot Above shots score 50 points when not lit OR if not hit in center

Cash In

A) Light all 4 Top Lanes B) "Cash In" at the Saucer
Light Roll Overs

Top Lanes

A) Top Lanes light... B) Rollovers - 10 pts C) Bumpers - 10 pts D) :"Cash In" lit bumper values at the saucer
200 Points

Skill Shot

Hit the lit Top Yellow Lane for 200 Points when plunging!
Multiplier Levels

2X Multiplier

A) Collect Top Lanes (all 4) B) Cash In at Saucer C) Hit Lanes to light 2X values (Pops and Rollovers at 20 points) - same ball D) After next "Cash In" -> will light 3X values, etc. Multipliers reset to 1X each ball
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