Game Of Thrones

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Changes Gameplay

Choose a House

At the beginning of your game you must select a House. Each house affects game play differently... 1) Stark: Winter is Coming hurry-up value starts (10M) higher. 2) Baratheon: Wall Multiball: +2 advances + higher scoring 3) Lannister: Gold starts at 500 +2X when collecting 4) Greyjoy: Gain other House Powers after you complete them --- NEGATIVE: prevents stacking House Modes + modes are harder 5) Tyrell: One return lane is always lit to increase the combo multiplier 6) Martell: Add-a-Ball for Multiballs by pressing the action button (1 per ball) --- NEGATIVE: removes the normal “Multiplier Cash-In” action button
Mystery Award

Gold Standups Mystery

A) Complete Gold standups to light B) Collect at Right Loop (Pre/LE), or Mystery shot (Pro)
Various Awards

Pop Bumper Awards

Pop Bumper hits will award... - Add-A-Ball during Multiball - Spot a Winter is Coming shot - Increase Bonus Multiplier (+1X or +3X) - More Time - 10 seconds during a mode or hurry-up - Big Points 1M - Advance Wall (for Wall MB) - Collect 5 Wildfire - Collect 150 Gold - Light Wildfire Mini-Mode - Light Extra Ball - Light Sword - Collect Special

Upper Playfield in Modes

The Upper Playfield is part of active modes. You can Collect Castles and advance in the modes. A) The Castle Loop - awards values (see below) B) Hit 1 of the 3 lit targets -> lights the outer targets -> +5 seconds for mode C) Hit an outer target -> lights center target -> +5 seconds for mode D) Hit the center target -> +5 seconds and lights the castle loop E) Castle Loop collects the Castle, +15M, +7.5M in bonus, and lights extra shots on the upper playfield for the following awards: NOTE: Collecting a Castle (CAC) 1) Stark: 1 Advance value (like a ramp shot) - CAC lights targets 2) Baratheon: Build Baratheon Jackpot - CAC lights targets 3) Greyjoy: After CAC, lights the back lanes to spot a currently-lit shot 4) Lannister: 1 Advance value (like a lit gold target). CAC lights the targets. 5) Martell: Build Martell Hurry-Up. CAC lights targets. Adds points to hurry-up 6) Tyrell: CAC lights the back lanes to spot the current lit shot 7) Targaryen 1/2: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up. CAC lights the targets Targaryen 3: additionally does damage to the Dragon
Points + Advance

House Modes

A) YOUR house is automatically lit B) Shoot a houses shot 3 times to light that house C) Shoot the Mode Start (left ramp) to start 1 or 2 modes (your choice) or PASS NOTE: Greyjoy can only start 1 mode at a time D) To Relight Mode Start: Qualify a new house or light Blackwater MB All modes are timed except Targaryen III (lasts until completed or you drain). Mode progress is saved for: Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Targaryen The Modes are: - Stark: Ramps build payoff -> Orbits collect (40 seconds) --- Greyjoy require both loops and ramps to advance to collect - Baratheon: build with Spinner -> Castle Black -> 3 Bank to collect (60 sec) --- Greyjoy must also hit the center ramp - Lannister: Gold targets -> two shots -> 5 lit shots to end (40 sec) --- Greyjoy must hit every shot once (for shot value increases) as well Greyjoy: Complete All the main shots. (12 seconds - resets per shot) - Tyrell: Alternate Lock Targets and Ramps --- Greyjoy needs to hit each ramp and the Dragon to complete. - Martell: Shoot 3 orbit hurry-ups (10 sec each), then a ramp to collect (30 sec) --- Greyjoy has lit Ramps jackpot advances (optional) --- NOTE: making the 3 orbits completes the mode (Ramp not needed) - Targaryen: 3 dragon modes increasing in difficulty. --- Complete the lit shots and shoot the dragon to complete each wave. --- Defeat all 3 dragons to finish the mode Dragons 1 and 2 will light the ramps, loops, and then dragon for hurry-ups. Level 1 requires one of each ramp/loop to be shot to progress to the next shot, Level 2 requires both. Level 3 lights 3 shots for hurry-ups; collect all 3 to light the Dragon. In addition, any shots on the Dragon will spot a lit hurry-up. The three shots per wave appear to be random each time. Complete this cycle 4 times to complete Targaryen. If you take too long to complete a wave during Level 3, you are “attacked” (“DRAGON FIRE!”) and you must restart that wave with a different set of “penalty” shots – however, you do not time out of the mode entirely. Greyjoy players have a hurry-up at the target banks (only one needs to be hit) before starting a Level. Light Extra Ball - Complete 3 Houses Light Hand of the King - Complete 4 Houses Iron Throne wizard mode. - Complete All the Houses

Castle Multiball (Pre/LE)

A) Complete the Upper Playfield target sets to Advance B) Advance 4 levels to start Castle Multiball The levels are... 1) Archers! 2) Charge 3) Breach 4) Castle Multiball
Mini-Wizard Mode

Hand of the King

HOTK is a mini wizard mode that is completed in “sets” A) Complete 4 houses to light HOTK B) Start HOTK C) Each Set lights 4 shots (or 7 if Baratheon is lit) -- lit shots are determined by the lit Houses -- collected values are added to the Super Jackpot D) Finish a set by collecting the Super Jackpot at the battering ram E) Completing 3 sets (2 if Greyjoy lit) will start a hurry up at the battering ram F) After the Hurry-Up, everything starts over G) Inlane Combos - flashing inlanes --- increase the combo value of all main shots by +1X --- sets ALL shots to the max current shot multiplier --- Example: multipliers = [1x 2x 2x 2x 1x], after a lit inlane [3x 3x 3x 3x 3x] --- This can also temporarily increase the combo multiplier to 6x The completed houses affect the HOTK wizard mode: 1) Stark: Bonus round - 20 Seconds of free shooting after a completed set -- not valuable + could end HOTK prematurely 2) Baratheon: All 7 shots (instead of 4) required to finish a set. 3) Lannister: +125,000,000 added to hurry-up 4) Greyjoy: One less set needed to start super jackpot hurry up 5) Tyrell: +15,000,000 per super jackpot 6) Martell: All shots must be completed twice 7) Targaryen: +750,000 per shot award Even though Stark, Baratheon and Martell seem negative, they offer more shot opportunities
Wizard Mode

Iron Throne

A) Completing all of the Houses to light Iron Throne B) Shoot the Mode Start shot to Start! 1) All the House lights start unlit 2) Iron Throne starts as a 2-ball multiball 3) Complete a House Set -> all 7 house shots NOTE: One House is "Current" - shot's lit in it's House Color are more points 4) Battering Ram lights for a Super Jackpot + Add-A-Ball 5) Collecting a SJP light the "Current" House to signify completion 6) Start a new set by shooting one of the remaining unlit house’s shots NOTE: Iron Throne DOES NOT END at 1 ball or after losing the ball 7) Martell Add-A-Ball can be used at ANY time, including in single-ball play! 8) After completing all the castles... "Victory Laps" shots until 1 ball At 1 ball, Iron Throne ends and all modes reset (unlight)

Winter Has Come

A) Shoot House Shots to "ICE" that shot (after it's lit) -> Starts Hurry-Up B) ICED Hurry-Up - shoot the same shot to collect C) Collect 4 ICED shots to start Winter Has Come 4 Ball MB Phase 1 - Horde (timed - listen for ticking clock sound) -- Make 7 shots to complete -- Made shots reset timer -- If timer expires, a shot is added back Phase 2 - Lieutenant - 3 hurry-up shots -- When a shot is hit, a new hurry-up shot will be added -- If a shot times out, the left flipper becomes FROZEN (deactivated) -- Hit the CENTER RAMP to UN-FREEZE the left flipper -- If all 3 shots timeout -> last chance hurry-up -> failure returns to Horde mode -- Collect 5 Hurry-ups for a WIC Super Jackpot! -> returns to Horde WIC Hurry-Ups determine WHC scoring - House Stark helps Iron Throne resets the WIC Hurry-Ups to retry
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