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2X Everything!
2X Playfield Multiplier (Pre/LE)
Premium / LE Only Feature... A) Light the 5 standup targets on the Upper Playfield to qualify B) Shoot the lit green arrow on the upper playfield to start 2X timer C) Extend the 2X timer by repeat lighting and collecting Subsequent activation has a collect timer - shown by a flashing green arrow NOTE: the lit green arrow may be shot from the upper flipper or a right ramp shot
Mode Enhancement
Crank It Up!
When playing a Song mode shoot the scoop when lit to "Crank It Up!" - CIU will progress the current song mode to a "Stage 2" version of the mode - Awards 500K - "Mode Shots to Light CIU" is a setting that can be changed --- The default is 0 as of 1.06, so CIU is lit immediately when a mode starts --- Increasing this value will make the modes more difficult to complete Software Version 1.04 and earlier worked slightly differently: - slightly different CIU mode features - defaulted to 1 mode shot required to light CIU - CIU added more time -- "Crank It Up". This will add time, score 500K and progress the mode to a "stage 2" version of the mode.
Extra Ball
Extra Balls
Light an Extra Ball at the scoop by: - Starting 3 Song Modes - Shooting 5 'Secret' Jackie Shots -> A major shot that is NOT lit ---- The # of Secret shots needed is displayed in a crate on the display
Mystery Award
Mystery Awards
Mystery Awards are lit at the Scoop A) Complete the AEROSMITH standups to light B) Shoot the lit scoop to collect Mystery Awards include: - Add-A-Ball when in a Multiball - Smart Missile - Increase Bonus X - Big Points - and more...
Shot Multiplied
Shot Multiplier
A) Spell AEROSMITH (yellow standups) to light shot multipliers (flashing) B) Shoot a flashing multiplier to add +1X on that shot for the rest of the ball
Awards a "Shot"
Smart Missiles
Smart Missiles will award a "Best Shot" when used, as if the shot was made on the playfield. A) When available, the Smart Missile button will be lit B) Hit the "Smart Missile" button to award the current "Best Shot" C) Smart Missiles are earned via Skill Shots, and as a Mystery Award
Big Points
Super Features
Each Song Mode can enable a Super Feature which will start AFTER the mode. - Start by Completing the Song Mode - 3 Song Modes only require a "Final Shot" to start: Rats, Walk This Way, Back in the Saddle The Super Features are... 1) Super Spinner - Rats in the Cellar 2) Super Orbits - Last Child 3) Super Ramps - Walk This Way 4) Super Lanes - Dude Look Like a Lady 5) Super Targets - Same Old Song and Dance 6) Super Pops - Back in the Saddle 7) Super Scoring - Sweet Emotion
Outlane Ball Save
VIP Pass
VIP Pass is a "Virtual Kickback" on the Right Outlane A) Shoot the 2 Stab Targets on each side of the Toy Box to Light VIP Pass B) When VIP Pass is lit on the right outlane and ball drains there, it will get kicked back into play.
Smart Missiles + Points
Skill Shots
Skill Shots award Points and Smart Missiles! A) Hidden Skill Shot - into the "Toy Box Lock" -- Soft plunge the ball into the hidden skill shot lane at the top of the right orbit -- Awards 1 Smart Missile -- if Lock is lit, will also award the Lock B) Super Skill Shot - 1 of 3 shots -- Super soft plunge - don't hit any switches -- Shoot the flashing white arrow shot -- Awards 2 Smart Missiles! Tip: If Lock is Lit and a ball is being added into play (auto-plunged) --- quickly plunge for the Hidden Skill Shot BEFORE the auto-plunger --- a skill shot is NOT awarded, but it will award the Ball Lock
Start a Mode
Song Modes
Song Modes are timed - default is 50 seconds Each song mode is tied to a playfield area and has a unique shot progression A) Pick a song at the beginning of a ball (if prompted) or shoot the scoop to start a Song Mode. B) Each Song mode has a "Cranked Up" Version of the mode -- Shoot CIU (Crank It Up) in a mode to switch to the "Cranked Up" mode C) Each mode has an attached "Super Feature" that will start after the mode completes if... -- You complete the Song Mode -- OR you hit a "Final Shot" for Rats, Walk This Way, or Back in the Saddle The Modes, Shots to Complete and Super Features are... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rats in the Cellar – 8 - Super Spinner Last Child - 8 - Super Orbits Walk This Way – 8 - Super Ramps Dude Look Like a Lady - 10 - Super Lanes Same Old Song and Dance - 10 - Super Targets Back in the Saddle – 8 - Super Pops Sweet Emotion – 12 - Super Scoring (timed scoring round)
Love in an Elevator Multiball
Lock 3 Balls in the Elevator to start Elevator MB! A) Light Locks by shooting both orbits (+ drop target on LE/Premium) B) Virtually lock 3 balls on the elevator shot to Start! C) Collect Jackpots to "Visit Floors" on the elevator -- Shoot a lit shot (all are lit initially) -- Shoot Elevator to "Visit the Floor" (8 floors) -- Super Jackpot at the 9th floor - the sum of ALL 8 Floor Jackpots! NOTE: If it takes multiple Elevator MBs to reach the SJP, the value is lowered: - 2 MBs: 75% - 3 MBs or more: 50% Tips: - Try to keep the 2X Playfield active on the Upper Playfield during EMB - Scoop Mystery Award will be an Add-A-Ball! - The Super Jackpot will be HUGE!!!
Toys in the Attic Multiball
A) Shoot Toy Box to light Locks - flashing light is Qualified, solid is Locked B) Lock balls in the Toy Box - Lock 3-6 to start Multiball C) Use Action Button to "pass" starting multiball to get to higher ball counts - Higher Multipliers available for More Balls - Higher Base Jackpot values for More Balls (6 Balls is 2X 3 Balls) Complete by... 1) Hit every Jackpot Twice 2) Shoot the roving Super Jackpot 3) Shoot the 2X Super Jackpot at the Lock Lane 2X+ Scoring: Shoot the toy box to light lock and lock balls in the Toy box for timed 2x scoring. More balls locked can give higher playfield multiplier (+1x for every ball locked). Even if the Toy Box kicker misses the Toy Box with timed locked ball, you’ll still have your timed PFx. This can be combined with 2X Playfield from the upper playfield. Scoop Mystery Award will be an Add-A-Ball!
Final Wizard Mode
Final Tour
Complete all Song Modes and 2 Multiballs to qualify Final Tour Wizard Mode! Important - Mode insert lights will be Solid when completed. A flashing insert indicates the Mode was started, but not completed. Tip: Medley Multiball enables you to quickly finish non-completed Song Modes
Mini-Wizard Mode
Medley Multiball
A) Qualify by playing all the Song Modes and the 2 Multiballs (flashing inserts) B) Shoot the scoop to begin Medley is similar to Trons Sea of Simulation, but as a Multiball - Each song is played in the same sequence as previously played - Each song has unique shots to complete it's "stage" in Medley - Any song mode that has been completed will be skipped - Complete ALL songs before starting for a 200M perfect song bonus Medley MB greatly assists completing the Song Modes to qualify "Final Tour" Prior to version 1.05: Medley would play every song in a set order, requiring unique shots per song, and awarding an Add-A-Ball for each completed song.
Tournament Strategy
1) Focus on Toys in the Attic Multi-ball! --- More Balls Locked >>>> Higher Jackpots --- Start the MB multiplier when running for 2X / 3X --- Combine with 2X playfield -> using the upper playfield to start 2) Love In An Elevator Multi-ball 3) Try to always keep a Song Mode active -> and stack with Multi-balls 4) Walk this Way Mode >>>> starts Super Ramps --- get a 2X Shot multiplier on the left ramp (spell AEROSMITH to light) --- ramp combos award 2X for the combo --- add 2X playfield (upper playfield) Go for the Wizard Modes for Huge Points!!! -- Play all Song modes and the 2 primary Multiballs to qualify Medley -- Complete all of above to qualify Final Tour!
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