Playboy '78

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Bonus Scoring
A) Bonus starts at 1K with a max of 39K B) Advance 1K: left rollover, right lane, #5 Key, Playmate targets C) Advance 1K-5K : Grotto - 1K per lights lit ---- Memory Features - remembered ball to ball ---- --- 20,000 Super Bonus: lit when bonus reaches 20K --- Bonus Multipliers: Lit for Complete Key Sets - 2X, 3X, 5X, Special
Light 25K Outlanes
Drop Targets
A) Complete the Drop Targets for... B) -- Light the Outlanes for 25,000 points C) -- Special Game may be set to retain Special light between balls (or not)
Playboy Bunny Keys
A) There are 5 Playboy Bunny Keys on the Playfield --- The Top 4 Rollover Lanes --- The 5th Key target below the Pop Bumpers --- NOTE: unlit/collected keys add to the Grotto bonus advance B) Collect all 5 Keys to Light the Grotto for 25,000! C) Shoot the Grotto repeatedly for +5K Bonus Advance + 25K Collecting Sets of All 5 Keys Lights: 2X, 3X, 5X, Special Settings - Keys Memory: collected keys may be set to reset every ball (or not) - Tied Keys: keys #1 and #4 may be tied together (making 1 makes both) ---- similarly: keys #2 and #3 may be tied together (making 1 makes both)
Points + Bonus
Playmate Targets
Playmate Target Scoring: - 500 Points + Advance Bonus when lit - Light Extra Ball for completing all 5 - Light Special for second complete set Memory Setting: Game may be set to keep Extra Ball lit between balls (or not)
Tournament Strategy
A) Collect Sets of Keys!!!! --- Lights the Grotto for up to +5 Advance Bonus, and 25,000 points! --- Advances Bonus Multiplier: 2X, 3X, 5X, Special B) Shoot the Grotto repeatedly - to cash in for 25K +5 Advance C) Try to Light 20,000 Super Bonus on Ball 1, as it carries over ball to ball Note: Always Shoot the Grotto!!!! --- Gets the ball into the top lanes to collect keys --- Cashes in on Collected Keys
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