Indiana Jones - Stern

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Extra Ball
Extra Balls
A) Hit the captive ball to start Cairo Swordsman modes B) The 3rd Cairo Swordsman mode lights Extra Ball C) Collect the Extra Ball by shooting the Ramp
A) Spell INDY or JONES to start (independently) B) Hit lit targets for 500K - 750K C) After 6 hits a 2M bonus is added and the mode ends NOTE: Can also start with a Skill Shot
Mystery Award
Mystery Scoop
A) X hits through the right inlane lights the Mystery Scoop B) Shoot the Mystery scoop to collect Awards include... - Light extra ball - on the ramp - Little/Big points - Rats / Snakes / Ants hurry up for 2.5M on one of the orbit spinners - Light Special - Start Cairo Swordsman
Skill Shot
A) The shooter lane cycles thru 5 different skill shot awards B) Time your plunge to hit the Skill Shot switch when your choice is lit The awards are: 1) Indy Jones: completes either INDY or JONES target bank 2) Cairo Swordsman - hurry-up at the Map Room captive ball is started 3) Light Mystery - at the Last Crusade scoop 4) Light Super Pops - increases Pop Bumper scoring -> adds to Jackpots 5) Advance Scene - completes 1 of the 4 movie's 4 scenes --- also awards +1M per time awarded --- but you SKIP that movie scene mode - possibly missing out on points
Cairo Swordsman
Cairo Swordsman is a Hurry-Up started by hitting the MAP room captive ball A) Hit the MAP Captive Ball X times to start B) Shoot the MAP Captive Ball again to collect C) After the 3rd Hurry-Up, the Extra Ball will light on the ramp
Movie Modes
Each Movie has a Special Shot (and 4 scenes/modes + 1 final mode): 1) Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Ark -> All 5 scenes are Ark Multiballs 2) Temple of Doom - Captive Ball / Scoop -> All 5 scenes are MBs 3) Last Crusade - Left Scoop -> Scenes are timed tasks 4) Crystal Skull - Ramp -> Scenes auto award a Jackpot value A) Shoot a Movie Shot until you start the next Scene/Mode B) Each Movie has 4 Scenes/modes, plus a final mode to complete the movie C) Complete all the Movies to light "The Final Adventure" Wizard Mode
+1 Bonus X
MAP Targets
A) Spell M-A-P on the MAP Targets for +1 Bonus X Hit the MAP Captive Ball to knock into the MAP targets
2X Scoring
X Marks the Spot
A) Hit the captive ball to knock a ball into the MAP room B) Hit the MAP Room Saucer 3 times to start X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot starts 2X scoring for 15 seconds - additional MAP Saucers add more time to the 2X scoring
Ark Multiball
These are the 5 Movie Scenes/modes for Raiders of the Lost Ark A) Hit the Ark 19 times to start (spell RaidersOfTheLostArk) B) Switch hits score Jackpots -> so the pop bumpers is a good area C) After 4 Jackpots, the Ark is lit for a Super Jackpot (5X a normal JP)TI Tip: Combine with 2X scoring Scene 3 MB: only ARK and INDY JONES standups count as switch hits Scene 4 MB: only Major Shots count as switch hits Final Scene MB: only hit the Ark
Temple of Doom Multiball
These are the 5 Movie Scenes/modes for "The Temple of Doom" A) Hit the Captive Ball X times to start B) Major Shots are Jackpots (4 movie shots + orbits) C) After 13 Jackpots, the Captive Ball is lit for a Super Jackpot (5X JP) Tip: Combine with 2X scoring Scene 2 MB: MUST make sets of all 5 major shots Scene 3 MB: Only 1 JP lit at a time -> JP shot moves when hit Scene 4 MB: Major Shot JPs -> collect 7 to light SJP Final Scene MB: Moving Shot similar to Scene 3 - but hit each shot 2X
Wizard Mode
Final Adventure
A) Complete all 4 Movies (5 scenes each) to light B) Shoot the Last Crusade scoop to start C) Complete M-A-P for Add-a-Ball -- All shots score Jackpots -- Everything builds the SJP
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