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Game Manufacturer Year
Willy Wonka Jersey Jack 2019
Black Knight SOR LE Stern 2019
Black Knight SOR Pre Stern 2019
Black Knight Sword of Rage Stern 2019
The Munsters Stern 2019
The Munsters LE Stern 2019
The Munsters Premium Stern 2019
The Beatles Stern 2018
Playboy '78 Bally 1978
Total Nuclear Annihilation Spooky 2017
Faces Sonic 1975
Deadpool Premium Stern 2018
Wizard of Oz Jersey Jack 2012
AC/DC Stern 2012
Aerosmith Stern 2017
Batman 66 Premium Stern 2016
Dialed In Jersey Jack 2017
Doctor Who Bally 1992
Elvira and the Party Monsters Bally 1989
Game Of Thrones Stern 2015